Swami Agnivesh’s Urine Treatment Controversy in Short

Swami Agnivesh, a social worker, social activist and an Arya Samaj scholar known for his work supporting labourers recently got involved in the “Urine Treatment” controversy where in he supported a warden who forced a teen to drink her urine as a cure for bed-wetting! This is definitely not the first time for Swami Agnivesh as he has always been surrounded by some or the other controversy. We wonder if he does this for popularity or just because he is sick!

Here’s an account of all that happened in short:

  • A standard V class girl of Shantiniketan school was made to drink her own urine. Why? It’s the solution to bed-wetting!
  • The girl reports it to her parents who in turn file a police case.
  • Police arrest the warden and the parents are detained too! Why? They entered the hostel without permission to save their daughter from any more trauma!
  • News goes viral through media channels and this forces our Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh to step in. He orders an inquiry into this matter.
  • Little girl is now mentally scarred for obvious reasons! She is now scared of eating anything fearing urine might be present in it.
  • Swami Agnivesh steps in supporting the warden saying that he was actually trying to get rid of the girl’s bed-wetting habit!

We ask you: Are all the doctors dead? Do we need such swamis to treat people for medical illnesses?

Internet lovers who love protesting online, took this battle on Twitter & Facebook and here’s a collection of the best tweets surrounding Swami Agnivesh’s Urine Treatment controversy.

Ok. Someone needs to put a tape on Swami Agnivesh’s mouth that says: “Yahan peshaab karna manaa hai!” @RanvirShorey

AssamFloods can’t trend because people like fakingnews are busy discussing flood caused by Swami Agnivesh’s urine. @PM0India

Mutrix – Reloaded. @MasalaBai

Guys. Now don’t joke about AgniveshMovies anymore. He’ll sue-sue you! @WordOfTheFree

Peshaab Kiya Toh Peena Padega. @ImSandeshJain

Gone In 60 Seconds (back to the body) @fakingnews

Tanu wets Manu @WiseDonkay

This is a song though, pee loon tere pele pele. ok i’ll stop it there @kalyanyasaswi

These are not the only tweets surrounding this controversy! You can follow the trend #AgniveshMovies on Twitter to get at least 100 new tweets an hour, several good ones too 😉

But does this affect our so called social activist or more than that a pissimist? Haha!

Signing off now, time to join the Twitter battle and discover some more cool tweets surrounding this Peeing controversy!

Thanks Swami Agnivesh for bringing smiles to our faces at least for a day! Keep going!

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