The Most Addictive Android Games

The best thing with smartphones is that you can use them to do anything including gaming! After the launch of several high-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy series and others, there is no harm in calling the other mobile phones traditional as they are not able to do most of the things we need them to! Unlike some other mobile operating systems which offer you limited gaming choices, Android allows you to experience thousands of games many of which are addictive!

One reason why these games are addicting is because they are hard to complete and you keep on trying unless you complete it! Another reason is that guys like me keep making a list like this one which makes this games popular and somehow addictive!

I wouldn’t call myself a die-hard gamer, but like many others I too love to play games now and then and here are some Android games that have lately managed to make me their addict.. and they’d possibly make you an addict too!

Temple Run

temple run

With several bat-like creatures chasing you, several trees showing up from nowhere, sharp turns and more, this game will surely help you improve your concentration power and to some extent your brain’s processing speed too. Of course I’ve not conducted a case study nor do I have a research paper about the same, but this game really requires you to concentrate a lot.

Though you don’t have to do anything except that you’ve to keep on running without any breaks, the interesting routes, fast game-play, decent graphics make this game interesting and addicting! You actually cannot stop playing Temple Run as the scorecard keeps on increasing & it tempts you to gain more points and thus you keep on playing!

Pick a Stick

pick a stick

Another time-pass yet an addictive game! It presents you with a bunch of sticks, each stick being above or below the other one in a confusing order. Touch the uppermost stick, it will disappear and you’ll gain a point. Do it again till all the sticks from the bunch disappear and you complete the level.

While you are doing all this, a countdown timer runs in background which forces you to play fast and do better. As you complete more and more levels, the game becomes more interesting!

Can Knockdown

can knockdown

If you love knocking things down, Can Knockdown is a game you will love to play! Knock down pyramids of glasses with balls and score points. Hit occasionally appearing cans filled with explosives to score more points. Hit special cans to gain an extra ball which in turn gives you chance to hit more cans and score more points.

There are amazing backgrounds and levels available as you go ahead in the game. I am sure this is enough to make you play this game and be a Can Knockdown addict 😉

Racing Moto

racing moto

If you love bikes, if you love to drive fast, if you love to do stunts occasionally (you’d find it difficult to make through this game if you do stunts often :P), you will enjoy this game. All you have to d is to touch or leave your screen and the bike races ahead. Touch to increase the speed or perform a wheelie (depends on the bike you use).

Some vehicles may come in your path occasionally and as you progress, the traffic increases making it difficult for you to drive fast and do stunts as I said earlier. Ultimately, this game is fun and all bike rash drivers and speed lovers must play it at least once!



One of the older games for Windows is now available on Android too! There are several versions of this game available, but this is one is my favorite as it’s simple to play and looks like its computer version.

The game play revolves around a helicopter and walls which come in your way. You must not allow your helicopter to touch them or else you lose. The game becomes interesting as you and your helicopter go ahead and make points!

Glow Hockey 2

glow hockey 2

Named after its outdoor version, Air Hockey as it’s called in India and some other countries, Glow Hockey 2 is an interesting game. The Android version of Air Hockey doesn’t have too many levels, in fact there is just 1 level with 4 modes, which make it 4 levels. As the name says, the table i.e. your field does glow which keeps you interested in the game which otherwise turns boring soon as you start winning.

I find the above games addictive and I often end up playing one of them everyday for at least an hour if not more! Do try the above games and suggest more addictive games if you have tried any.

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  1. Raj

    Temple Run is the favorite one in the list, in addition Angry Birds & Cut The Rope deserve a place in the list..


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