What to Do & What Not to Do in Monsoons?

After making us wait for a long time, finally monsoons have appeared. Farmers were stressed for their plantations and people were sick of the hot weather, but now, everyone is relieved. Monsoons have taken over the weather and clouds are showering water one or the other day. People are overwhelmed by the cool weather. This weather is good to enjoy but there lies some danger too as this weather also bring diseases like Cholera, Food poisoning and others.

Rains moderate the climate and help the growth of bacteria and germs, thus increasing the chances of diseases. People with low immunity power should take more care in this weather. Children and old people should take precautions as they’re main victims of germs. People suffering from any kind of disease should be cautious too, as they can be attacked by bacteria and fungi (germs most active in rainy season), causing an extra disease to them.

Monsoons are not new and neither are the diseases popular in this season. But it’s also easy to be safe from these diseases and enjoy the weather. Here are some simple rules which you must keep in mind – it will keep you sound and healthy!

What not to do in Monsoons?

At our childhood days, we were always scolded by our parents or elders to avoid their guidance. Our elders have always known what to do and what not to do in the rains. You must have been scolded some or the other time by your mother/father for getting wet in the rains. I’m too starting the list of things to avoid in rainy season with this simple old-age tip:

1. Don’t get wet in rains: People mostly get wet in rains, whether with or without an intention. Children coming from their schools and professionals coming from their offices, often get caught in rains. Rain water is not good for health – it causes cold and fever, and increases hair falls. If you get wet in rains, then dry yourself as quick as you can. It is advised to take a bath after getting wet in rains – this is the best solution for the problem.

2. Avoid wet and dirty clothes: You must avoid wet clothes in monsoon season. Wet clothes facilitate the environment for the growth of germs. You must wear clean clothes in this season. You can get infected by skin infections caused by bacteria and fungi if you wear wet/dirty clothes.

3. Avoid food from road vendors: People are addicted to foods sold by road-side vendors, especially pani-puri, chat, samosa, jalebis, etc. Though these foods are tasty and people enjoy eating them, but they should be avoided in rainy season. In the monsoons, roads and sewage systems are full of water which increase the possibility of germs. Road vendors hardly take care of the food to be healthy for people, so you must avoid these type of foods.

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4. Avoid junk foods: You should avoid eating junk foods as they promote swelling or inflammation.

5. Avoid salty and heavy food: You should avoid eating very heavy foods as they lead to gastric disorders.

6. Avoid fish and meat: Avoid eating meat and fish too much in the rainy season.

7. Avoid fried and overcooked food: You should also avoid eating fried and overcooked foods.

8. Avoid heavy oils: You should avoid cooking your food in heavy oils like Mustard or Sesame.

9. Avoid salads and cut fruits: You should avoid salads and cut fruits in this season because of increased chances of germs in them.

10. Avoid dairy products outside of home: Avoid eating dairy products like lassi, raita, cottage cheese (paneer) when eating outside of home.

What to do in monsoons?

Enough of the things not to do in rainy season. Now here goes the list of what you must do in this season:

1. Eat green vegetables, cereals and fruits: You should make habit of eating green vegetables, cereals and fruits in this season – these will nourish your body with vitamins and proteins, making it stronger against infections.

2. Eat dry foods: In this season, you must stick to dry foods like corn, chickpea and oats – they give all vital nutrition for the body while causing no harm to it.

3. Use light oils: You should use light oils to cook food in this season like Corn or Olive.

4. Eat steamed salads: As salads can be dangerous to health at this time, you can eat steamed salads with your food.

5. Use these ingredients: When cooking, you must include these ingredients in your food – jeera, pepper, coriander, garlic, ginger, turmeric, etc. They increases your body immunity against germs.

6. Eat honey: You should eat honey in this season as it’s a very good catalyst for digestion and it works as a tonic to keep the intestines sterile.

7. Enjoy warm beverages: You must have warm beverages in this season. You can add ingredients like ginger or mint powder in tea or coffee – it will help you fight germs.

Rainy season is a beautiful season – you get cool weather with storms and rains. People enjoy this season with a smile on their faces but this smile is lost if they get infected due to rains. You should follow above given essential dietary rules – it will give you strength to win over the incessant showers!

What is your recipe to be healthy in this season?

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