How to Know Who Viewed Your WhatsApp Profile Today?

WhatsApp & WhatsApp Web have always been users’ favorite when it comes to instant messaging. WhatsApp is now different than what it was until some time back. Especially after Facebook bought WhatsApp, we have witnessed several changes in the app. WhatsApp now allows you to hide your last seen; it introduced a new feature that lets you know if the receiver has read your message or not, it now allows you to make calls to your WhatsApp friends and so may other tweaks which improve your overall WhatsApp experience.

We recently published an article on WhatsApp tricks covering over 15 tips to improve your WhatsApp experience. On the same post, we were asked if there’s a way to know who’s viewing our WhatsApp profile. If you’re eager to find out who checked your WhatsApp profile, who secretly sees your profile photo or your WhatsApp status, who’s opening your WhatsApp profile often, this short guide is for you.

Remember, this isn’t an official feature. The original WhatsApp application doesn’t support it, and as far as I can get from WhatsApp forums and support, the team is in no mood to add this feature anytime soon since it violates the privacy of the users. But that shouldn’t upset you because some developers still think it’s a characteristic much needed by WhatsApp, and therefore, we have this app named WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me developed by someone who paid heed to a lot of people wanting to find if someone is spying them and if yes, who?

This app isn’t present on the Google Play Store. It used to be there but was taken down. However, you can download it from 1mobile.

Who Viewed My Whatsapp?

WhatsApp — Who Viewed Me works on Android 2.3 and above versions. It has an easy to use interface. Just download and install it, open the app and click on the “SCAN” button, let it run for a few seconds and it will shortly show the users who have checked your Whatsapp profile in the last 24 hours.

A detailed set of instructions is given below to help you use this application better.

Quick Tip: The person checking out your profile frequently may simply be spying on you and might not be in love with you!

How do I Know Who Visited My WhatsApp Profile?

1. Just download it from the link given above. You might be forced to install the 1mobile app market on your device. Do it since you don’t have the option to bypass it right now. However, you can uninstall it later on.

2. You might want to enable installation of Android apps from unknown sources before installing this app. So, go to Settings -> Security -> Under Device Administration, check Unknown Sources.

3. Now install the app and run it.

4. Hit the big green colored ‘Scan’ button.

Wait for a few seconds while it scans all your contacts to find out who viewed your WhatsApp profile today. Once it has examined all your contacts, it will show a complete list of all the users who’ve visited your profile on WhatsApp that day. In my case, it only shows a single name. That hit me hard, oh! No one’s stalking me it seems.

how to find who viewed my whatsapp profile today

This app is completely free to use, however, please don’t use it for any illicit purposes. It currently doesn’t have a premium version, so we cannot guarantee how long this app will be developed. For now, it supports all Android 2.3+ smartphones with WhatsApp installed in them and an active internet connection.

Update 1: The app misses out on several profiles. I tried to find who viewed my WhatsApp profile a minute back. I purposely visited my profile from 4 phones but, unfortunately, the app couldn’t detect even one of them. It did show me one name, but again it always shows a single name (and I assume it to do it randomly) because the name was not one from the four phones through which I checked my WhatsApp profile. So maybe the app is malfunctioning or it takes some time to update the results, or the app is fake. I’ll post another update soon.

Update 2: Well, a year down the line, the app still functions like it previously did. By that I mean, it’s a fake, and it does not show the names of people who recently checked your WhatsApp profile, but rather shows some random name. So to avoid creating misunderstandings, refrain from using this app. I’ll update this post when I have a better way to find who’s stalking you/me.

Update 3: The developer has deleted the application from 1mobile. We didn’t bother to find it’s duplicate since the application didn’t work as desired in our recent tests and is possibly fake.

Update 4: It’s a fake. Confirmed. For those who are waiting for an alternative to this application, I suggest you not to do so. I do not think WhatsApp will ever implement this in their app, and the possibility of an external developer developing a similar app that works is difficult since WhatsApp’s security/privacy mechanism is strong enough and no one so far has been able to break it. I suggest you to give up on this. I am sorry. You can, however, try WRevealer if you have an iPad or an iPhone.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a similar app for other platforms (iOS, Windows or BlackBerry). There was news on an application available for Jailbreaked iOS devices, but it failed to work for us when we tried to test it. We will update this post as soon as we find an app that works on devices apart from Android allows you to find who’s spying you on WhatsApp. Till then, maybe you can have a look at some WhatsApp tricks we shared a while back. It’s a collection of few tips or hacks that enable you to do more with WhatsApp thus improving your overall experience.

Know who Checked your Whatsapp on iOS

WRevealer is another app which allows you to find out who’s stalking you on WhatsApp. Unlike most apps which are first available on Android, this application is available only on iOS devices and unfortunately there’s no Android version available.

WRevealer is a Cydia tweak for iOS 8, 9 + devices which allows you to see your profile visitors. It works on both iPad and iPhone, but it requires you to jailbreak your device. If it is, then you can quickly check who visited your WhatsApp profile. It’s a paid tweak, but they do provide a one-day trial which you can use to see if it works for real. If you are not satisfied with it, you cancel your subscription.

How to Use WRevealer?

  1. Install WRevealer on your device (assuming that you already know how to install an app on iOS).
  2. After installation, when you open it, you will see a login screen. The app requires you to log in before you can use any of its features. You may create an account if you are comfortable.
  3. Then open WhatsApp on your phone -> Contacts -> Refresh
  4. Once you have done that, come back to WRevealer and hit the ‘Search’ button on the right side.

It’ll take some time to process and then present you the report in the following format: Phone Number|Date|Time

It also allows you to save the list for future reference. Now I am unsure why you may want to do it, but if you want to, this app has you covered.

The only downside of using this app is the price that you’ll have to pay after the first free day. There are three plans – Monthly, Half-yearly, and Annual which cost $10, $51 and $84 respectively. If you share or tweet about it, you get an extra day for free.

12 Responses

  1. Heather Leighann

    you can know who visited your profile for real with an app for jailbroken called Wrevealer, repo :

    • Saksham Talwar

      The link isn’t working. Do you’ve an updated link or may be you can upload the file somewhere and share the link?!

    • Badi

      This app show ur contacts on/off line status only…not who visit ur profile…it’s a fake app.

  2. Laszlo De Carlso

    this app only works for iphone. s
    Search for WREVEALER on the web

    • Saksham Talwar

      Laszlo, thanks for suggesting the app. Let me test it and include it, if it works. I am just being extra careful before mentioning an app again 🙂

      • Hoobla

        Does this app actually work? Are we sure it is not stealing our data/contacts?

  3. Jason

    This thing works but only if the the other person has the same phone as you.. iPhone to iPhone.. And if the other user has not blocked you. If they blocked you..this app will not see if they are viewing your profile

    • Ella

      Im sorry to tell you that this app gives wrong results. What it actually does is this: it shows like someone has viewed your profile when if he and you are online at the same time. Even if he doesnt enter in your chat, he will be shown in the results just because he was online at the same time with you. So… This is actually fake. And the funniest thing is that they ask you money(subscriptions) in order to have this fake results. For god sake, at least let it be free….

      • Prem

        Can it possible to know that who check my whatsapp, even any unknown no who is not save my cont. List.

  4. Sanjeev Gupta

    Hello my self is Sanjeev Gupta from jaipur. Want to know that how can I know that some one others is watching you on what’s app. What applications and procedure to know. Pls help me….i wanna to know who is watching me secretly


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