About Us

We receive a lot of visitors daily, but very few of them make it to this page. I thank you for being one of them. Well, we aren’t a very big media house, we’re just a bunch of independent writers who write when they find something interesting to write about.

Tech With Love was established in 2013.

We are a technology blog. We don’t want to be another tech news site that you regularly visit and that’s why our focus is on sharing interesting stuff that’s also helpful. We’ll not limit ourselves to iPhone or Android or gadgets. We will cover anything and everything that we think would interest you. That does not mean we will not share news. We will only share news that we think you should know about. There’s no point in writing about every gadget release or every update that comes to your favorite app. But, if it deserves a mention, we won’t hesitate in writing about it.

Enough of talking. Now that you know about Tech With Love and our plans, why not read a few of our popular articles?

We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading those.