BlackBerry – A New Name of RIM, But Why?

A new name signifying a new beginning is what “Research in Motion” is hoping for, especially as it is in the process of marketing BlackBerry 10 smartphones with great gusto. This is a move which can potentially give a new lease of life to the company especially after recent setback over the launch of defective PlayBook tablet along with other devices.

Chief Executive officer Thorsten Heins made this announcement as he launched BlackBerry 10. The move is hopefully going to revive the glory of such a reputed company towards streamlining the identity. Needless to say, that the company had once dominated the smartphone market.

BlackBerry-A name which does not need any introduction

Chief marketing officer of BlackBerry, Frank Boulben in an interview said that the name “BlackBerry” has carved a niche for itself. It stands out to be in the lips of every one and being a global brand, consumers from across the world value it as well.

The step stands out to be quite instrumental towards regaining the lost grounds especially after the company had gathered lots of criticism recently.

An inevitable move from RIM to BlackBerry

The aging devices of RIM could not give any competition to Samsung’s Galaxy devices and Apple Inc’s iPhone. Thanks to the changing trends, consumers were indeed eyeing for something advanced and innovative. After all, the brand of BlackBerry speaks volumes about its stature.

Boulben said that unlike before, there were many names which were associated with “Research in Motion” such as BlackBerry, Curve, Bold, PlayBook etc. That has only created confusion in the minds of consumers, since the brand “BlackBerry” failed to get enough exposure and limelight. Now, the new (changed) name has given reasons of focusing on one name only.

The company has undergone major overhaul changes which will potentially give a new lease of life to the sagging company.

According to Boulben, it is the right time for the company to undergo changes on such a scale along with its symbolic change as well. Now the NASDAQ ticker is going to be “BRY”. Similarly, the Toronto Stock Exchange ticker symbol will be “BB” is just few days.

Company is all set to undergo a legal name change

Later in the year, after the resolution gets passed by shareholders, the company will equally undergo a legal name change. Until then, the company will work with the name BlackBerry.

Company’s entire focus will be on the marketing of product

Boulben asserted that the company is going to entirely focus on its marketing strategy, which will assist towards promoting stylish and sophisticated touch-screen devices. Since, they are adored by increasing numbers of die-hard fans. There will be a simple naming structure in order to further make the branding strategy effective than ever before.

Boulben is enthusiastic about the recent moves which the company has taken and he wants his employees to proudly say, “I work for Blackberry”. Similarly, his increasing customers should be proud of owning a BlackBerry. Not to forget shareholders, who should equally be upbeat about owning BlackBerry stocks as well.

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