Google Maps Adorn the Coveted Pictures of Grand Canyon

Google Maps has given luxury of panoramic images which has been gathered by hikers. So how it got possible?  It indeed became the reality,  thanks to Android-powered camera systems which were strapped on the back of the hikers

Google Maps product manager, Ryan Falor in a blog post has asserted that these images are indeed enriching and mind-blowing. It is all set to gather endless and everlasting appreciating from one and all. After all, the images have been taken after covering more than 75 miles (around 120 kilometers). The geographical location of the area was another reason for people to be “wow”, since it gives charismatic and unseen beauty which has the potential of transporting you to the actual location. The hikers owing to their exemplary skills have indeed captured some of the rarest moments which was not possible other wise.

Falor said that the pictures were clicked by the Google Maps team members on a rocky terrain. They had 40 pound (18 kilogram) backpacks where they were armed with a camera. The exemplary and outstanding performance was indeed noteworthy as they endured tough situations including muscle cramps as well as extreme weather conditions.

Of late, Google’s Street View team has been going overboard towards taking some of the priceless and coveted pictures in the quest of arming users with the real scenes which the nature has bestowed upon. Even last year, Google Maps has got the pictures from Cambridge Bay in the Canadian Arctic along with the images from Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

So, how can you visit such coveted photos?

You can easily view such sophisticated photos by visiting online maps of the Grand Canyon. Therefore, be a proud witness to some of the  heightened and everlasting picturesque beauty which is hard to get otherwise. Isn’t it?

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