Android 5.1 to Roll out in Early 2015 According to Reports

Android 5.0 was rolled out just a month back and while most of the devices are yet to receive the 5.0 lollipop update, we already have some news about the release of Android 5.1. Annoying ain’t it?

If you’re one among the few who’ve got hold of the Android lollipop already, there’s another good news. You could soon be able to use Android 5.1. The update according to the guys at AndroidPit will be rolled out by February next year and is said to come packed with┬áSilent Mode, a feature which was removed with Android Lollipop.

android 5.1 lollipop

The Android 5.1 not only fixes a few bugs but also introduces several new features. There’s a changelog available already so you can go through it if Android 5.1 interests you.

Android 5.1 Changelog

  • Silent mode which was removed after the Lollipop update to come back
  • Improvements in the system stability
  • Better memory management
  • No more forced app closures
  • Okay Google function now works properly
  • Better battery management for a longer battery life
  • Bugs related to notifications solved
  • Sound problems which a bunch of devices faced solved
  • Changes in material design
  • Possible uses better colors on users’ demand
  • All problems with WiFi, data network and Bluetooth fixed
  • Other small bugs and fixes

So, Android 5.1 as it looks to me aims to get rid of all the bugs which have come with Android 5.0 Lollipop. Not only that, it also brings in several new features and a much missed feature by many i.e. the Silent Mode. Android 5.1 also comes with better battery and memory management.

Android 5.1 thus is a big update and I only hope that it arrives soon to all the devices. And hopefully this news should force mobile corporations to roll out Android Lollipop faster. Some mobile companies may skip Android 5.0 and directly roll out Android 5.1.

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