Indians Can Now Make Free Calls to US & Canada with Skype Until March 2015

With an era advancing towards technology and digitalization by leaps and bounds, every individual has become techsavy with the preeminent of gadgets at their disposal. Thanks to the definitive research and technological developments burgeoning to take on the world by their sway. Under the listing of the numerous technologies, Skype has emerged to be one of the most convenient and reliable sources of communication throughout the world. It is undoubtedly a great boon that now the Indians can make free calls to the US and Canada till the 1st of March. Whoa! That means now every Indian can approach his relatives in the US and Canada for absolutely free! If you haven’t yet used Skype, then indubitably you need entrée to it as soon as possible so that those who are near to you but not with you can have a face to face conversation with you without any inference of time and cost.

make free skype calls to us and canada from india

No matter whichever software you are using, Skype can be easily downloaded and installed on your PC, mobile, tablet etc. Without much ado, you can communicate with those staying abroad devoid of staring at the watch after every minute. This scheme which has been introduced in the market is valid till March itself yet it gives us a lot of time to celebrate the warmth of the coming year with our close ones staying at the US and Canada along with the jingles of the Christmas Eve. Be it a voice call or a conference call, Skype has it all, making it one of the most flexible tools for access.

Skype has got those features for which the cost if evaluated would leave us in a dilemma but we do not have to think over the prices anymore because Skype is absolutely free for usage anywhere and everywhere around India. No dearly hardware is required for the initialization of Skype as you can get the access to Skype in just a few clicks only. Skype provides the top quality in making the voice calls as well as video calls to the US and Canada. The Indian users, now have the opportunity to make free calls on any landline or mobile number everywhere around the US and Canada. It is time to grab this limited period opportunity and make the most of it because Skype is free of cost till March 2015. Therefore, Skype now comes with alluring and exciting features which have made it completely irresistible to do without it especially when this is free of any outlay.


India being a highly acclaimed country for outsourcing, Microsoft has aimed to launch this alluring scheme for the benefit of the regular customers and thereby create new customers as well. During the offer period the credit balance in your Skype account won’t be deducted which would facilitate free calls to US and Canada and you would only be charged once the offer period is over. But it should be kept in mind that if you have a fixed Skype subscription then your minute allowance would not be valid during the offer period and it would be continued only once the offer period gets over.

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