Windows Carrier Billing Debuts in India, China and Brazil

Microsoft Inc., today launched its carrier billing services in India, China and Brazil. This service was first available in the United States, its hometown, with carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Microsoft claims that it is the first mobile company to nail such services in India, China and Brazil while it pinned the last major US network, Verizon, as well.

Carrier billing services lets users add to their phone bill app purchases made via the app store, along with the in-app purchases. It was a long-time coming for such a technology in the emerging markets of the world, where there is hardly any utilization of credit cards. This technology was not that famous in the US.

microsoft carrier billing india

In China, Microsoft has partnered with China Mobile, in India with idea and in Brazil on Carlo. Microsoft claims that it has a subscriber base of 2.5 billion people who would be potential users of this relatively new service.

This service is required in such countries because the majority of the people don’t (and can’t) possess a credit card, so there is no option for them to make purchases from the app store. After opening up its doors to these three countries, Microsoft now has access to 81 global carriers in 46 markets.  Microsoft also claims that 60% of its Windows phone purchases are made through carrier billing services.

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