Money & Happiness – Are they Two Sides of the Same Coin?

For some living a luxurious life is being happy while for some others happiness lies in simple deeds like helping an old man or feeding a hungry dog. An expensive car makes someone happy and to see a child smiling makes someone else happy. Different people have different reasons for being happy.

Now the question is… in fact there are many questions! Is money necessary to be happy? Is money everything you need to be happy? Is money not needed to be happy? Don’t these questions sound similar? They do, but in reality they are not even close to being similar!

Is money necessary? Obviously YES, I think! Now how’d one be happy without any money? How would one meet his daily needs which include food, shelter, etc. of which food being the most important? How’d one manage to even buy a vada-pav which is probably the cheapest thing you can buy in Mumbai to fill up your stomach? Now, this is why money plays an important role in each of ours life. A person cannot be happy if he has nothing to eat? I doubt! You’d see a hungry man being happy only in movies or mythological stories where you’d see a women giving the last packet of milk she has to someone else.  Now one may do it and pretend to be happy, but if internal happiness is something to be considered, I don’t expect anyone to be happy in state of hunger! I do expect some to say yes, but being practical, NO is my answer to the first question! You at least need some money to be happy, if not a lot of it!

Short and simple answer to the second question is NO! Money isn’t everything you need to be happy. You do need some of it to be happy, but it’s definitely not everything. Money does play an important part in everyone’s life, but it’s not everything! You need some to meet your requirements, but you don’t need to be the richest person on the planet to be happy! Even a person working on daily wages can be happy and the biggest business person can be unhappy! So, money is not everything you need in life. There is more to life than just money! As this paragraph ends, we conclude that money is not proportional to happiness, but both depend on each other. For example, if any of them – happiness or money become zero, the other automatically becomes zero! So they are closely related to each other or in fact they depend on each other!

Time for me to answer the third question. Is money not necessary? Do I really need to answer this question? If you read the above lines carefully, you probably can guess my answer. No, it is! Money is necessary for some obvious reasons I gave above.

Though we have a specific answer for all the three questions, aren’t we confused yet? Don’t the Yes’s & No’s at some point contradict each other? What say folks? Do you think money is important or is it just another thing you don’t mind losing? Reasons will be highly appreciated so that we can conclude something!

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