Canvas 4 Pre-Order Starts, But Exact Price Still Not Revealed!

Micromax began accepting orders for its upcoming smartphone, Canvas 4 yesterday. Though initially you are just asked to make an advance payment of 5000 rupees, they haven’t revealed the exact price of the device leaving several buyers including me confused.

Though they’ve mentioned in their terms and conditions page that the advance payment f 5000 rupees will be refunded in case one doesn’t want to buy the device after the final price is revealed, it simply doesn’t work that way for me. I always prefer knowing the exact amount first hand.

One of the possible reasons behind this could be the trending fluctuations in value of rupee. Lowering of rupee has concerned everyone in our country, Micromax being no different.

I don’t think they’ll be trying to collect 5000 thousand from all interested buyers to get interest from bank.. hehe.. so this definitely isn’t the reason.

Micromax phones have always come for a cheap price. But after he success they got with their Canvas series, may be they are thinking to increase the prices a bit. May be they’ve a discussion going on about this. So this could be a reason the exact price isn’t out so far!

Okay, all these are just wild guesses and there’s absolutely no reason why you should believe what I’ve said. But I couldn’t think of any other reasons. Revealing the price before hand shouldn’t be a worry for me had I owned a mobile phone company.

Why do you think Micromax hasn’t revealed the exact price for their to be launched smartphone Canvas 4? Let us know in comments!

Meanwhile I’ve sent Micromax a tweet and may be we’d have an answer shortly! Stay tuned!

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