NameThingy Gets A Name for Your Baby, Pet, Blog, Band & More!

Got a new baby boy or girl? No wonder you must be finding it difficult to find a name for him / her. Asking your friends or relatives out is one solution, but again that’s not something I’d like to try since baby’s name is special and asking relatives out means getting some popular name suggestions which are often overused! And further ten relatives will suggest you ten different names which will lead to more confusion. Same applies for pets, bands and to some extent blogs too!

There are several sites which serve this purpose. Last week we covered Wordoid which helped you discover some awesome names but was limited only to blog names. Unlike Wordoid, NameThingy helps you get a name for your baby, your new pet, your band or even your new startup! It’s the all in one naming solution you should check out!

How to use NameThingy?

Head over to Some lines below the logo, you’d see some names automatically being shown one by one. If you don’t customize the options, you’d be flooded with some random names and upon clicking the name, NameThingy will display a message if the domain is available or not.

Click on the grey colored Options link on the left side and the below options panel will appear from nowhere 😉


First Word Type / Second Word Type – The first two options are most important since they directly deal with the type of name suggestions you receive. If you directly enter the keyword in the last step and go ahead, you’d receive suggestions like Average Increase even if you are looking for a baby boy’s name and I’m sure you’d not want your baby’s name to be Average or Increase 😉 So select the proper type from the first two options. You can leave the Second Word Type to ‘None’ if you want, but choosing something here is always good.

Maximum Length – The next option allows you to set the length. You have 6 options to choose from which are Short, Shorter, Medium, Longer, Long, Unlimited. It would’ve been better had they mentioned the number of characters instead of alphabetical words like long, longer, etc.

Update Speed – To some extent I find the next option useless, but since they have it in their options panel, I’d have to mention it here. The Update Speed option allows you to regulate the speed at which name suggestions appear on screen.

Custom Word – The Custom Word option doesn’t work until you’ve selected Custom from the first two options. This is the keyword you want to be included in the name suggestions you receive. This has been specially designed for those interested in getting domain name suggestions.

Allow Adult Content – If you want adult words to be present in the name suggestions you get, tick this option. Words like fuck don’t actually look in domains, so use this option with caution!

Allow Misspellings – If you are okay with spelling mistakes, tick this check-box.

Hands Free – If you wan NameThingy to check for available domain names without you having to click on each name it suggests you, check this.

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