Rumour: There Will Be No Google Nexus 6

It is not the first time that rumours about Google dropping its Nexus brand are doing the rounds but technology enthusiasts are still expecting at least one more smartphone, namely Nexus 6, from the brand before the end of this year. However, prolific leakster @evleaks was seen tweeting that there will be no Nexus 6 and this year would see the end of the Nexus series.

Though there is no image substantiating the tweet, @evleaks is generally known to divulge solid information when it comes to leaks. However, since such speculations have been doing the rounds for a few months, we suggest you take this piece of information with a pinch of salt, yet again. For a long time, people have been wondering about Nexus’ next device, often pondering over questions like what its specifications will hold and what version of Android will come through powering the device. Some of the speculations suggest that the next device will run a completely vanilla version of Google’s mobile operating system and receive updates before most other devices. In addition, @evleaks also tweeted that there is a silver lining to this cloud. This could imply that Google’s rumoured Silver Certification program is in fact real.

The second tweet is probably a reference to Android Silver, a new program by Google that plans to replace the Nexus line. A report in April 2014 suggested that Google would collaborate with various device makers at a time instead of one each year to create high-end Android phones that will have few non-Google apps. LG and Motorola are rumoured to be first in line to partner with Google in its Silver Certification program. However, no one can be sure until any official announcement is made.

Like the Nexus brand, Android Silver devices too, are expected to offer a consistent user experience and receive prompt updates. Reportedly, Google will spend large amounts of money to promote these devices, in both carrier stores and elsewhere. We are not sure why Google is giving up on the Nexus brand for Android Silver but in all probability, this shift will enable the company to release more phones with its version of Android. The last two Nexus smartphones, namely Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, were both manufactured by LG and offer great value for money so consumers are rather eager to see a sequel later this year, irrespective of what it is called.

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