How to Change WhatsApp Phone Number on Android?

WhatsApp has swooned the messaging service to such an extent that users find it so hard to resist it. The best thing about this service is that it is free of ads and has a simple user interface than other texting apps like WeChat or Line. It’s a no non-sense messaging app, and that is what makes it more desirable to use. However, the main hindrance that many people find is the ability to change their WhatsApp number.

Over a period, a person may want to shift from one data service to another. With this comes the need for changing the number he has been using for WhatsApp. Nonetheless, this is an extremely simple procedure and does not require much of rocket science. Android users can change from one WhatsApp number to another on the same device by following a simple protocol. Before moving on to changing the WhatsApp number, one should make sure that the new number is activated on the device and that it can receive messages or calls from the authority for verification. Without this facility, the number cannot be successfully changed.

 How to Change Whatsapp Phone Number on Android

So How to Change WhatsApp Phone Number?

Here’s how you can change the WhatsApp number on an Android device –

  • Open the WhatsApp application and press onto the home button.
  • This should be followed by Settings > Account > Change number
  • The number presently in use for WhatsApp should be entered in the top box
  • Proceed by entering the new or desired number for WhatsApp in the box situated below
  • Tap on the done button

This will pop up the screen asking for verification. Now, you can choose either to verify via receiving a call on the new number, or by receiving a text message on the new number. Enter the code sent via a text message if chosen that verification method. Submit the code and there it is your new WhatsApp account number.

One should know a little more information before changing number on WhatsApp.

  • Firstly, this whole process will result in deleting your account with the previous number. This means, your WhatsApp contacts will no longer be able to see you in their list with the previous number of yours.
  • Secondly, this would transfer the whole of the information from the previous account to your account with the new number. This information includes all your WhatsApp groups, chat history, profile and the payment status. Thus, you will not miss out on the groups you are a member of, and also you will not need to join each group again.

Now since, there is an account with a new number; let all your contacts know your new number, because after you have changed the phone number associated with your WhatsApp account, your friends will not see you in their WhatsApp contacts list and thus, they will not be abe to message you. This is because even though your number has changed, your friends still have your old number stored on their phones and there’s no way they will know your new phone number unless you tell them.

It can be further conveyed to the people in your WhatsApp list by simply broadcasting a message with your new phone number. The broadcast message facility helps to make this process flawless and using it you can broadcast your new number to all your contacts. However, it is wise to know that WhatsApp does not support two accounts on the same device. So, now it can be presumed that changing numbers on WhatsApp should be quite easy and seamless.

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