5 Most Popular Websites to do an Online Course

We are living in a society, where the science and technology have seen a massive growth, which helps the entire mankind to a new age of civilization. After the industrial revolution in the Great Britain, the floodgate of the inventions and the technological advancements has taken the center stage of the civilization. Whereas, there are several discoveries have already been taken place, which has changed the world to a great extent, but one invention that has changed the basic structure and the vital approach of the social order; the Computer. The advent of the computer and the internet have created such an impact on almost every item and on prevailing issues, which are helping the individual and the society in getting some unique and added advantages in their respective projects and life. With the growing uses of the internet and the computer; the websites are being prepared and reined the digital world as the avenue of getting into this amazing world of information. There are billions of websites, available in the web world, which is providing exceptional assistance for the potential users to acquire information as per their necessity. Some of these websites are quite good and able to render the service of the online teaching of various courses, which are recognized as perfect support provider in the field of education and training.

Education and Online Courses

The online facilities have changed the erstwhile method of education and study; today most of the institutions try to get hold of this supports to such an extent, where the online classes are being conducted and relevant information are also passed on to their students and researchers. There are different kinds of websites; those are providing online courses on different subjects, which are good enough for any student in getting proper guidance and classes.

Some of these popular and potential Websites, who are providing online education on courses, are as follows:


This is one of the most popular websites in the online educational facilities and considered as the global marketplace for the unique teaching and learning process through online support. The students here acquiring the skills and having the exposure of the learning from the extensive and a huge number of courses, approximately 42000, which are being taught by eminent and professionally expert tutors. The inspiration of this site has come from the small village in Turkey, where the founder, Mr. Eren Bali, born and grew up within the framework of frustration that occurred due to limited availability of space and required facilities of basic nature. This website of online education is being created and started by Eren, in the association of like-minded scholar Oktay Caglar and Mr. Gagan Biyani and ensure the quality education being more accessible, which may be helpful in changing the lives of others, who want to be taught by international standard of education. Try Udemy here.

Khan Academy

This amazing and non-profit website is founded by Mr. Salman Khan in the year of 2006, which have a huge cache of educational videos, whopping 4000 numbers approximately, covering almost all sorts of subjects, such as; Animation to Art, Finance to Management, Art to Engineering. It can be noted that each of the videos is n and average ten minutes long and almost 3000 of these videos are having the voice over the effect of Salman Khan himself as narrator. In the beginning, usually the blank screen arrived and after that illustrate concepts, information with bright colors appear, along with, the exceptional narration. The Khan Academy decorate their offers with instructional videos, practice exercises and also a customized learning dashboard, which empower the learner to study at their individual pace and without stepping out of the comfort zone. While they are usually providing the online classes of science, mathematics, history, economics, computer programming etc.; special impetus is being given on the math, from kindergarten to the higher level of calculus learning with state of the art technology and adaptive learning process. They are also partnered with some of the prominent institutions, including NASA, MIT, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, which prove the proven quality and specialization of this eminent website. Try Khan Academy.


“Learn differently” is the simple tagline of this website and it is considered as one of the most effective online educational organization, which has its own method of educating people with excellent supports. This unique website follows some exceptional and new kinds of online educational models, where anyone can take the lessons by signing up at the site and also able teach somebody, which is a great advantage for its potential customers. The instructors are able to decide on their own; the price of the teachings, even as low as $15 per session, and also have the opportunity take a call, whether to teach a person individually or opt for the global online classes. It can be noted that the site is having some potential offers for their valued customers and that is also at a very competitive rate, which is a great support for the budget students.

Try Skillshare


The mission statement of the company is very simple that the education is still lagging behind the necessity; therefore, the option of education for all has to be confirmed. The most important part of this site is that it also primarily depends on the offers; those are created by users, to users and for users, which is a unique and viable solution of the online learning process. There is a feature called “tracks” on the homepage this website, which allows the students to choose the skills of programming, through interactive exercises and also by the help of simple tutorials. Aspects like gamified of this unique site, made it very addictive and much of fun quotients are also there and these features essentially glued the student to this online educational site.

Try Code Academy


As low as $25 per month is being charged for the unlimited access to the well-structured online learning facilities of this popular website. In its online library, they have almost 1800 videos; consist of various courses and subjects, with excellent variety, which is a great advantage that can be availed by any potential learner. The software tutorials of this site are quite impressive and when somebody tries to brush up any particular program that is not been used so far or in the learning of the particulars of the new version of an old program.

Try Lynda

Do try out these sites and share your experience with us which I am somewhat sure will be good 😉

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