10 Cool Gadgets You Need to Gift This Christmas

Christmas is one of the most popular and widely celebrated festivals, which is being observed, throughout the world, irrespective color nationality or economic discrepancies. While there are several avenues to mark this festival, but one most important part of this occasion is to give gifts to the near and dear ones, in the family or outside it, which is an age-old custom, people use to follow this in the contemporary period. Although there are lots of shops and outlets, who are having the wide range of products, of different natures and qualities, which are of great support for the potential buyer to get the intended product for their relatives and close companions. It can be noted that people are quite choosy about the gift of Christmas and even the kids are not so naive to rely on mere the chocolates or something very cheap, inside the pair of socks, they also need some extraordinary gifts of their choice.

We are aware of the fact that the advent of the computer and the internet; the most precious outcome of the technological advancements has paved the way for some of the most amazing products and service, which were not even dreamt off in earlier days. These days ecommerce sites have taken by large and you can find almost all sorts of material or book a service, from a huge cache of products and services, of different qualities and prices with a few mouse clicks.

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

Some of the most interesting product, which you can buy this Christmas are:

Xiaomi Mi5


This is considered as one of the hottest products, available in the market, which is quite good as a Christmas gift for the near and dear one. This phone is having some of the most interesting and useful features, such as; Dual SIM, Nano SIM, Dual Standby, Metal and Glass back cover, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 1.8GHz, Fingerprint lock opening, 16 Megapixel Camera etc., which are good enough for any potential user. While the Operating System is MIUI 7 (Android 6.0), the phone is having 32 GB ROM and 3 GB Ram but it is not supporting extended cards.



It is nothing but a small replica like Drone that can be used for taking photography or some other purposes, as well, which is quite a popular and desirable product among the enthusiasts. It has the viewing angle of about 120 degrees, which provides great support in taking a selfie or any snap of wider angle to get the maximum exposure and covering. The most important features of this item are; extremely mini size with very light weight, saving of memory in case of power failure etc., helpful for the user.

Cube i7 Book


This is a digital notebook that comes with CPU processor of Intel Core m3 6Y30 1.51GHz (Skylake) with 4GB RAM and Windows, which ensures the smooth running of the tablet. It is also having Full HD 10.6 inch IPS Screen with an amazing resolution of 1920*1080 that provides a perfect and soothing visual effects. The item is also having the 64GB internal capacity and is supporting Bluetooth, WiFi network and OTG to a great extent, which is quite supportive for the potential users.

SJCAM Camera


This is an original SJ7 STAR 4K Sports Camera that is equipped with Ambrella A12S75, which helps in enhancing the performance in Omni-direction. It is having IMX117 CMOS powered sensor, 2-inch built-in touch screen, Extreme wide angle facility of 166 degrees, along with, 16-megapixel camera with 4K resolution, which is helpful in videos and image of HD quality. It also has the feature of WiFi support that enables the user to share any picture or video clip anytime and from anywhere

ElekMaker Laser Engraving Machine


The product is comparatively a new entrant in the market that is having an engraving area of about 30X40cm large, without any height limitation and gantry shape, which are considered as the most excellent features those help the user to get the best output. This is also having a three stepper motorized driving facility that providing the faster possible moving speed and also high laser engraving power and 2500mW laser module with the heatsink.

Non-Slip Car Pad


It is a well-known fact that the mobile phone is now the most important accessory that everybody wants to carry it wherever they move, even in a moving car. This particular product is fixed on the dashboard of the car, which is having a magnetic base, with an 8-pin USB cable charger holder for Samsung GPS and also for iPhone. The item is also having the “do it Yourself” free facility that helps the user to answer a call with extreme ease and convenience.

KCASA UB-1 Umbrella


This is nothing but an umbrella of creative genius, which is having the unique feature of reverse folding and also the double layers, with two types of handles i.e. “J” type and the “C” type. It is a very strong product and able to provide protection in extreme weather, including storm like situation, as this is having the windproof capability. The panels are made of polyester that ensures the durability and light weight, with reversible folding quality that helps in the easy folding of the umbrella.

Plus Size Undergarment


While there are lots of outlets, both online and offline, where most modern and versatile range of women wear can be found, but in most cases, these are meant for sexy figures. Here we have some options for a loved person. The full cup shape with adjustable straps and without any rims made this the most desirable item for the womenfolk.

Xiaomi Skateboard Scooter


This is predominantly an electric driven, ultra-light, hovercraft like balancing scooter with 100 kg load bearing capacity, which is the latest trend among the youngsters, as well as, quite popular in the floor level industrial use. The weight of the product is just 12.5 kg, which means anybody can even carry it on his back by folding the same, as per the guidance, mentioned in the user’s manual. The charging of the battery is about 5.5 hour, which can be charged at night and can be used in the next day.

SpaceRail Model


The product is popularly known as the SpaceRail Model Kit and widely available in the online retail shops, as well as, in the local toy shops with different types and models. The rail length of the model is about 22 mm. and having the assembling size of 60*25*35 cm with a moderate difficulty level. It can be noted that the entire weight of the model kit is 1.8 kg, which is quite helpful for the kid to handle the product with comfort.

Well, these are just a few things we could find this Christmas. You can check the site for more options. You may also find the same products on Amazon or elsewhere, but we considered Banggood because it’s decently priced and they have some really cool promotions going on this Christmas. Merry Christmas 🙂

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