Have you ever wanted to create a buzz for an event or to promote anything to a large circle of friends or colleagues or some people in a small town? Yes?

You can create a Facebook event or broadcast a message to your friends via Whatsapp, but then you could also do something cool like creating a Snapchat filter which now have become a new way of passing your message across a group of people in a particular location.

When you announce an event on a site like Facebook you’ll undoubtedly gain a lot of likes and shares, but upon conducting some research I’ve found most of them to be fake. There are a lot of bots active on Facebook, which automatically like or share your post. In Snapchat, that’s not the case. There are fewer bots and fake profiles. Here are eight reasons why you may want to create a Snapchat filter.

1: They go Viral

Snapchat Geofliters reach lots of people. What do I mean? When you create a filter, many people will view and use it.  Another advantage is that your message won’t be ignored. And the majority of individuals who like and use your filter are real people.

2: To Gain Local Exposure

Snapchat filters let you create a buzz about your upcoming birthday and future celebrations. This is an interesting way to raise awareness of any parties that you may have and let your friends spread the word about it.

3: They Have Social Appeal

Snapchat filters appeal to users in a special way. For example, when a user is in a new town, he may want to know the kind of filters that are there.  And if the filters are attractive, he will take photos or swipe faces with them and then send it to their friends. Now, suppose you are holding a function in that area, your filter may reach so many people who may not even know about your brand.

4: To Promote A Service

If you are a business owner, filters can help you announce new products to your consumer. For realtors, they can use it to list new homes. For those that own restaurants, they can use it to showcase their menus. Or they can let people share their favorite dish with their friends on the filter.

5: To Keep Your Customer More Engaged

Customer loyalty is vital if you want to increase your business revenue. And there is no better way to do this by making your clients more involved. You can use filters to keep customers engaged. You will do this by offering discounts, upcoming promo code, contests, and prizes. If you create filters are around these special deals, you will increase the number of customers that visit your stores.

6: Has Comprehensive Analytics

If you have ever used Facebook analytics to measure campaigns, you will see so many metrics that don’t mean anything to you. Snapchat has simplified its features by giving you the only metrics that matter the most. That is uses and views. The “Uses” metric shows the number of people who have used your filter and the “Views” metric indicates the number of people that saw a snap with your filter enabled. Snapchat analytics are excellent for an average marketer to measure their ROI (Return on Investment).

7: Might Cost You Less Money

Facebook may look cheap at first. With proper targeting, you can achieve good results while spending pennies, but the fact that most of the actions that you receive are bot-generated reduces the value that you receive. Yes, the reports will look good. It will feel nice to see a hundred thousand likes and shares on your post, but you’ll be hurt when you realize half of them are bots. Thus to gain a lot of real users, you will have to raise your budget, and you will eventually end up spending more than what you had initially expected. With Snapchat, it’s different. You pay a fixed price. It’s like Pay & Forget. There are negatives to it too. But, if your filter is well-designed and attractive, I’m sure you’ll do well on Snapchat.

8: To Get Noticed.

It may appear that businesses are the only ones that need filters to promote their products or services, but what if I say that you are wrong? You can even use these filters for personal reasons, like promoting an event where you are speaking or advertising a party or a filter for your college’s festival.

It is evident that Snapchat filters are changing the way we celebrate events. It’s changing the way we market our services and is also changing the way we interact with our circles of friends. They’re made for the future, and its reach cannot be ignored. To know how powerful they can be, it is best that experiment with them yourself. You can create a simple filter to advertise your business or service for just five dollars! Try it!

If you want to know how Snapchat’s filters work, watch the below video:

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