WeChat – The All In One Chatting App or Just Another Chatting App?

Okay, if not million, there at least hundred apps available on various app stores which allow you to chat with your friends. Most apps enable you to exchange text messages, some apps allow you to send graphics or videos while some allow you to send stickers. But there is not one app which allows you to do all of it except WeChat.

Yes, my friends WeChat allows you to do everything. For example it allows you to exchange text messages, group chat with your favorite buddies, video call for free, exchange voice messages for free, chat with your WeChat buddies online using their web interface, send emoticons, etc. It has a couple of interesting features like Shake, Look Around & Drift Bottle about which we will talk later in this article. I’m no Chetan Bhagat, but I love to keep suspense just like he does in his books 😉

Okay without any further ado, lets see what WeChat has for us. Let’s look into each feature in detail. I’ve had fun sending voice messages to people, finding a new person to chat with and much more. For that you’ll have to watch the entire video which is available at the end of this post. I’ve made two videos – one which describes each feature in detail and the other which tells why you should use WeChat and not WhatsApp.

WeChat Review (Video)

Mind seeing the detailed video review before reading the text review? I’ve done these reviews myself. Yes, I’ve two. First tells you everything about WeChat and the second one tells you why WeChat better than WhatsApp and rest of the competition. You can find the complete review below where as the video comparing WeChat with other chat apps is available at the beginning of this write-up.

Update: I’ve deleted the video. I found it childish. I’ll soon be uploading another one.

WeChat Features

Group Chat

With a couple of steps you can easily organize a group chat in WeChat. You simply have to Open Chats -> Select the wand button somewhere at the top -> Select the contacts you wish to add -> Tada! Group chat is live! If you need to add more people to the chat, you can easily do it.

Video Call

WeChat enables you to video call your friends for free. You need to have is an active internet connection and a phone with a camera and you are good to go. No charges whatsoever!


I don’t use this feature a lot, but it helps you share your daily life with all your friends easily. For example if you went to a fort and want to share the pictures with your friends, you can easily share it with them using WeChat Moments. You can share the photos publicly too!

Voice Chat

Now this is something I awaited. I always wanted to send voice messages but sending them using my carrier costed me a lot of bucks. No more! Using WeChat I can now send voice messages to my friends for free. You can actually chat using voice messages. This is one feature I love a lot. You can use it to talk to your girlfriend Believe me voice messages are more effective 😉

Use WeChat on Your Computer

Start a chat on your smartphone and end it on your computer. Confused? Whenever you use WeChat, everything including your chats are backed up onto their servers. They also have a web interface which allows you to chat with your friends using your computer. Chats across all your devices will be synchronized in no time and you’d be able to converse with people no matter what!


I use this feature when I get bored. Just shake your mobile phone and WeChat automatically connects you with a stranger shaking his mobile phone somewhere in the world. First time I tried his feature I got connected to a guy from Rajkot which is around 500 kilometers from Mumbai!

Look Around

Ever wanted to chat with people living near you? WeChat makes it possible! With a couple of clicks, you can find out people near you who use WeChat and enables you to talk to them! I never knew there would be more than 100 WeChat users near my home! No doubt, it helps you make new friends! and dates 😉

Drift Bottle

This feature doesn’t make sense to many, but I love using this some times. Simply record a message and throw it in the sea. Someone somewhere would pick it up, read and will message you back if he wants to. You can pick others messages too!

Connect With Social Networks

WeChat links your Facebook account & QQ account. It also find friends from these social networks who use WeChat.


Now this shouldn’t be called a feature, but I can’t stop myself from mentioning it. You might have 1000 smileys in the chat application you use. But what if you had more? What if you cud create your emoticons and send to your friends? With WeChat, this is possible!

Believe me or not, WeChat is the chatting application I think everyone must have. It offers you more features than any other chatting app! Currently there’s no other app like WeChat available in the market which allows you to do everything from making new friends to making a video call for FREE! So download WeChat right now!

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