How can we make India immune from diseases? There are means to avoid many health risks, but efforts have to begin early, in the childhood. Right from the baby’s birth and throughout life, medical care is imperative. Here is how you can help in improving lifestyle, rendering sound mind, and enabling healthy body to children, thereby making India stronger.

Vaccination and Baby Care

polio vaccination in india

Mandatory immunizations at birth include Bacillus Calmette Guerin (BCG), preventing tuberculosis, Hepatitis B dose against liver infection, and for girls, human papilloma virus. After 1.5 months, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, pneumococcal and HiB vaccination. Polio immunization is done four times, once at birth, then after 6, 10 and 14 weeks.

When the toddler is 6 months old, Influenza and rotavirus dose is must. 9 month old baby needs measles vaccine, after a year Varicella (chickenpox immunization), is important. Once the child is 15 months old, MMR, IPV, and pneumococcal vaccine is vital. At 18 months, Polio and DPT, optional HiB booster, and Hepatitis A dose, when 2-year-old typhoid immunization is mandatory.

Some essential immunization, if ignored during childhood can be supplemented in later years as well. Assure the facts from recognized pediatricians. Apart from vaccinations, toddler’s development during initial months notes massaging body with non-toxic, preferably ayurvedic tail, feeding non-solid baby food, and observation of hygiene like changing nappies regularly, proper clothing etc.

The developing years of a kid reflects changes in behavior, mind and body. Hence, nutritious chyawanprash, tonics and herbs can complement a child’s progress. Some ayurvedic products for baby care are Daburlal Tail and chyawanprash, protein and energy providing edible powder shakes to increase concentration, weight and height, neem and Aloe Vera gel to maintain healthy skin in teenagers. To fight cold and increase immunity, honey drips, turmeric dissolved in warm milk, raw ginger are the best.

Parental Care

parental care in growth of kids

Children are like young plants that need ample care to grow into stronger individually. Weak roots (less of child care), may lead to adverse conditions in them. Here are few ways to keep the apple of your eyes fit and happy.

  • Breastfeeding: A mother has to breastfeed her bundle of joy for initial years. Breastfeeding has benefits for both the baby and the mother. It provides the toddler with calcium, lactose and other nutrients, steering away possibility of contacting diseases. Mother’s milk will induce sleep required, elements to strengthen bone, and eliminate risks to many allergies.
  • Love: For a child’s healthy psychological, physical growth, love and care are two vital aspects. Shower your kid with appreciating, encouraging them at every acceptable behavior. Understanding their demands, spending time, talking, playing with them, will make them feel loved. It is a universal truth that a young one develops better, gains positive attitude with adequate parental care. Lack of love may hamper their persona, pushing them towards negative behaviors, and promote self-inferiority.
  • Schooling: Providing proper schooling to children is necessary. Education will help them know the do’s and don’ts of living a healthy life. Prioritizing child’s growth through physical activities, inculcating manners, and imparting knowledge will open up their minds as well as help in keeping them fit physically.

Building Immunity

healthy food for good life

Strong immunity wards off infections, diseases, and allergies. Along with parental love, vaccination, and education, there is a lot to care. Hence, make your kid strive to achieve good immunity to fight health adversaries in simple ways.

  • Healthy Diet: Include leafy vegetables, meat, grains and pulses in your child’s diet. Milk, natural juices like coconut water, extracts from fruits will keep them hydrated. Vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats etc. are inevitable for a kid’s healthy body and mind. Sometimes children often avoid eating healthy and binge on junk food. Parents can counter this by cooking smartly, mixing vegetables, meat and other ingredients together to make for a balanced meal. Spinach, carrot, tomatoes, rice, wheat, is few among the examples. Along with a healthy diet a few natural supplements to your food include the Dabur Chyawanprash. It’s completely ayurvedic and helps in growth. I used to consider products like these useless until I stumbled upon this scientific proof, yes it’s now proven by scientists. So having it is definitely safe and healthy.
  • Good Habits: Germs and bacterial infestation lead to many diseases marring child’s health. Hence, bathing regularly, brushing teeth after meals, ample rest and sleep time,  avoid spitting on road, covering mouth with clean napkin while sneezing, and washing dirty hands with soap are few of the suggestions.
  • Exercise: As important is balanced diet, so is exercise and physical activeness. Involve your young ones in entertaining sport activities. Encourage them on dedicating ample time in play. You may also become active with them, and in turn spend quality time. Make it a family affair. Take them out for long walk, do yoga etc. Exercise is necessary to strengthen their bones, muscles, boost their height, and manage weight wisely.


awareness in kids

Update your children to healthy habits. This does not include just proper diet and physical development, but also allowing them to explore this avenue further. Spreading health awareness amongst children is a successful trend to fit mind and body.

  • About Diseases: Let your child know about different illnesses. Provide them news updates, snippets regarding new medicines, vaccines, first aid and emergency health care tips. Health contests online and television channels on related topics can make them aware about allergies, illnesses, and right food choice, health products.
  • Stress Busters: Children can be prone to mental and physical stress given their daily schedule. Hence, acquaint them to stress busters like interacting with friends and family members, developing interpersonal skills, entertainment activities like sports, tasty healthy food, and other involvements.
  • Social Activities: These days there are many ways one can stay connected to healthy living. However, individual growth is not just the day’s requirement, but help promote nation’s health is. Let your kid take part in campaigns, awareness trip, road shows on health-relevant subjects. It will keep them engaged, and instill knowledge on how to be in the pink.

Besides taking in consideration the tips mentioned above, perform regular health check up of your children. Timely intervention against diseases can avert the possibility of its aggravation. Parental care, love and warm interaction with kids can improve the young mind. Vaccinations, Immunizations, balanced diet, physical activeness, education together will contribute to a child’s development. Hence, for a healthy overall growth effort of parents and children both are required.

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