10 Apps to Try Different Hairstyles and Colors on Android & iPhone

Life is too short to have boring hair. Especially, when a good hair day can fill you up with enough confidence that you can fight anybody and everybody. Hairstyles are the first thing to change when a girl’s life is about to turn over.

And, why wouldn’t they be? After all, her hair has always helped her define herself. Different hairstyles have marked different phases of her life.

Who can forget those sweet pigtails in primary, and those ponies in middle school? After this, many of us tried coloring our hair in shades of red and blue to prove the world we that we can be rebels and when maturity stuck over we switched those no-nonsense buns. And, how could we forget that perfectly straight long hair that we prefer for social events? New Hairstyle = New You.

Our hairstyle changes the way we look, helps us freshen up our face but most importantly allow us to set an incredible first impression without actually doing anything.

But sometimes we all get scared of trying that sexy hairstyle that looks so good on actresses, while some of us start having second thoughts about shortening our hair. Worry no more; developers have come up with a fantastic idea to help us try different hairstyles without getting under the scissors. You can try curls and frizzes or the pixie-cut. Plus, you can color these selected hairstyles in any color you can think of – from basics like black, brown and blonde to bizarre like blue, orange and green.  But best of all you get to see which hairstyle suits you better and thus prevent yourself from making stupid mistakes.

Saw a great haircut, let’s check it out? Or thought you’ll look pretty in pink. Let’s try that shade. Who’s going to stop us?

After all, it’s our hair girls. How can we not be sure?

So given below is the list of excellent apps that may help you look even more awesome 😉

#1 Celebrity Hairstyle Salon

Easily, the most downloaded hair styling app on the google play store this one surely has a large user base. ModiFace has a number of apps to provide people with amazing styling options owing to its image processing algorithms. And, this app is a perfect example of it. They have got experience and research to back them up. Plus, it’s easy to trust a brand with so many satisfied customers than trying on a new one.

You not only get a lot of hairstyles to choose from, but you may also experiment with a number of colors. The smooth color- selector wheel surely helps in providing a clean interface.

Meticulously divided into categories, they provide a user with a lot of options. Ranging from wavy and straight to curly and blonde, you think of a hairstyle they have it. Also, the Adjustment feature helps people gain a realistic look.

You can also add other accessories further to improve your photos, like jewelry and sunglasses. Considering all these functions, the app doesn’t feel cluttered at all. The developers have tried their level best to keep the User Interface beautiful and classy.

The app is specially designed to fulfill all your needs.

PRICE: Free with in-app purchases
OS: Android
User Rating: 3.6


#2 Hair Color Changer Ultimate

This one allows changing the color of your hair without having to worry about any damages. It has a predefined collection of primary colors like red, blonde and brown.

But, what makes this app a good choice is its custom color feature that allows the user to see their hair in any color they want. Yes, you read it right, now you can dye your hair pink and purple and even rainbow. All you need to do is install this app.

And, the best feature is the ‘Color Adjustment’ tool that allows you to change the intensity and brightness of hair color to better improve the light and dark areas of the hair. Thus, providing a great manifestation of how your real look would look like.

Yes, the hair color may get on face sometimes, and it may seem like paint, but it’s worth it. Tricky to use at first but you’ll get a hang of it.

And all the Photoshop guys out there yes this one is just an enhancement of the brush tool with the perfect combination of brightness and color features. Comfortable and lightweight – a must have on your phone.

OS: Android
User Rating: 3.9


#3 Hairstyle – fun and fashion

Another app with a large user base, this one also allows you to try different hairstyles but with unusual colors. This is more of a fun app but can still prove beneficial in coming up with ideas for your next salon meeting.

You could try hairstyles you liked but were super afraid to know if they’ll suit your face or not. Or maybe just throw away every single styling tip out of the window and get weird. Check out yourself in a green Mohawk or orange curls. Who knows you are real enough to pass as a Weasley- all you need to do is dye your hair? You never know what will suit you unless and until you have tried it out.

You could always send photos of you to your friends and relatives to further judge which look suits you best. Trust me; the more people approve of it, the lesser chance you’ll have to seem like an idiot.

Though the ads can be a little annoying. If you don’t mind them enough then this app is worth giving a try.

OS: Android
User Rating: 3.4


#4 Hair Salon: Color Changer

This app may have fewer downloads than others, but it is one the most awesome apps out there. Yes, you do have fewer hairstyles options to choose from, but they do cover the most basic ones. The app provides a nice interface to set the hair according to the face shape.

You’ll not get those patches that let your hair peek from here and there because of excellent resizing and rotation features of the provided hairstyles. No guys you don’t have to move your face around to fit in the hole, but you get to fit the hair around your face. Excellent idea considering, all the apps using the face moving feature don’t appear as real as possible.

No unnecessary ads further make this app a good decision. Surely this one has a lot potential. All it needs is some more hairstyle options and hair-color options. Thus, making this app as good as others with millions of downloads. Hope, the developers update it soon with more features.

OS: Android
User Rating: 4.0


#5 Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

This one is a full-blown makeover app, letting you experiment with different combinations. Mixing and matching a number of hairstyles with a number of hair colors to get the desired look.

The app is a one-click stop for all things trendy and fashionable.  You will get makeover tips on the go without worrying about their authenticity. Making it easy for you to decide which look you want at the salon.

Plus, it recommends a number of beauty products, so that you can easily achieve ‘the look.’ What is does is make a shopping list of items you may require to achieve the selected hairstyle. Not only this, but it also recommends the cheapest place online to get it from. Yay!

The app is a perfect solution for your special occasions and your personalized fashion Guru. Especially during Wedding Ceremony when you’re too busy to do anything and still want to look the best.

OS: Android
User Rating: 3.9


#6 Hair color booth

This one is just a simple hair coloring app that allows you color your hair streak by streak to get a more real and fantastic look.

Also, it opens up doors to experiment with different shades together making it easy for you to decide which color to use, where and how much.

You can mix up green and blonde or maybe red or black and still look awesome. No need to look up for color match illustrations when you can easily customize your look the way you want, at the click of your fingers.

So try out stupid hair colors or maybe check out how your friends would look like in bizarre shades. Then share the result on Facebook and Instagram and have fun with your friends.

PRICE: Free (Premium Rs 190)
User Rating: 4.0


#7 Hair Saloon

With over 40+ hairstyles to choose from this one allows us to check out our look before visiting your hairdresser. Thus, helping you save a lot of money and maybe sometimes unnecessary embarrassment. If you ever feel the look doesn’t suit you, just send the said look to your mom. She’ll tell you the truth no matter how bitter it is.

It offers you probably all the feature of the previous apps though on an iPhone. This is a great alternative to Celebrity Hairstyle Salon though a little expensive. You get all the features and more at just a nominal cost. So, don’t think twice before purchasing this one if you frequently try on different hairstyles. Maybe, it’ll save you a trip or two to your hairdresser.

And do remember, Android apps are free but remember they are always loaded with advertisements. And most often you have to pay hefty amounts in order to enjoy your apps without those annoying advertisements.

PRICE:  Rs 120
User Rating: 4.0


#8 InStyle Hairstyle try-on

This one suggests you a hairstyle by mixing your face with that of a celebrity whose shape matches yours. Thus, allowing you to get inspired from celebrity kind of makeovers in a matter of few clicks.

The database gets frequently updated, thus making it easier for you to decide what’s fresh and trendy. Thus, helping you improve your chances of looking fabulous with minimal work.

The app provides you with over 500+ options to choose from with a number of recommendations from InStyle Editors to help you make an informed choice.

Just try on different styles, decide on one and show your stylist that to give him a better idea of what you want.

The personalized recommendations, Low Maintenance Work Hair, and Wedding Hair categories make it a much more fun and informative app.

Surely, one of the best hairstyling applications in the market.

Price: Free (Few in-app purchases)
User Rating: 4.0


#9 Hairstyle Makeover Premium

This one has hairstyles to suit the needs of both men and women. Plus, many other features to help you decide which look will suit you the best.

The UI and activities are so designed to provide you with the smooth and fast switching of hairstyles. Thus, making it easy for you to try different hairstyles in the matter of few minutes. A quick solution, especially when your hair stylist appointment is approaching and you have no idea of what to try next.

Plus, the adjusting features allow you make the hair style fit your face and thus making the picture as real as possible. You can rotate and resize the hair according to your needs and stop your real hair from showing underneath it.

And, the special filters like blur, color tint, etc. surely helps improve the “real look.” And features like beards, mustaches; removal of facial hair makes it easier to see if the hairstyle matches our other looks. This app is a must have if you are a fashion fanatic.

PRICE: Rs 300
User Rating: 4.0


#10 80’s Hair

80’s was a fun time so how can you stay away from trying those timeless hairstyles when all you have to do is swipe and save. Especially when you want to see how your parents looked like in that time. Just click their photos and apply some of these beauties to them. Voila!

It’s fun and entertaining. You want to see if Beatles style matched your face the best or was it, Madonna? The app is a solution to all that. Not only this, you can quickly add some funny accessories to achieve the whole diva look. It may not be helpful, but will surely give your friend and family bouts of laughter.

PRICE: Rs 120
User Rating: 4.0


The Mobile Application industry has been going strong since the launch of the first ever smartphone. And, developers are coming up with ideas to meet each and every one of our demands. You think you want an app for something, google it and hey someone has already done this for you. All you need to do is to click on that Install button, accept some permissions and hey you’re ready to use it.

So, it seems kind of obvious to see so many apps that may allow us to easily decide which hair styles matches seamlessly with our face type without visiting the hair salon. They are fun and entertaining while being informative and our personal styling gurus at the same time.

Yes, most of them are free, but other does require emptying out your pockets. But, trust me they are worth it. Especially, when you can easily avoid watching annoying advertisements every few minutes by paying a nominal fee.

But, again it is a matter of choice. So try some of the above to achieve an awesome hairstyle for you or just download it to have fun with your friends and family.

I surely sabotaged some of my friends’ photos while writing this article 😉

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