The how-to-proceed Guide for your First YouTube Channel

Almost every second person owns a channel on YouTube these days and most of them have nothing interesting to offer. Building a YouTube channel should entirely come out of pure passion for videos and you have to be serious about it if you are planning to take it ahead. At first you wouldn’t be earning any money through it and yet it should be your interest and passion that should keep you going without thinking about profits. Your goal should only be putting up quality content and attracting greater number of viewers and subscribers for your channel.

Starting a YouTube channel is not an easy task. You need proper planning and understanding of how it works to build a good YouTube career. Here are some useful tips for people who are planning to start their first YouTube channel.

#1 Plan your kind of work and target audience

Even before you start your YouTube channel you need to plan the kind of videos you are going to post through your channel and decide a target audience to whom the videos would be directed. Each and every posted video has a specific audience and the more you define the kind of work that would be posted through your channel the more you reach your targeted audience. For instance, if you are planning to create videos of several cosmetic brands and newly launched makeup products, your target audience should be ladies who are interested in makeup and beauty products. If people start following your videos they would begin sharing it and this would increase your popularity.

#2 Choose a unique name

If you want people to remember you the name of your channel should be unique and interesting. The name should pertain to the kinds of topics you discuss in your videos or the kind of work you are promoting through the videos. Storm up your grey cells and come up with a proper username that attracts users who would be interested in knowing about your channel.

#3 Choose appropriate tags while uploading your videos

The sole purpose behind uploading videos on YouTube is to get greater number of views. Choosing appropriate tags while uploading your videos is very necessary in fetching you greater number of likes. You need to be very careful about the title of your video, the description and the tags used. YouTube sorts out videos on the basis of the description provided and the tags used. Be more specific in your tags about the content of your video to narrow down the search results and get better likes. For instance, a video about quilt making should have accurate tags like ‘Patchwork quilt’, ‘quilt tutorial’ or something like ‘quilt making’ to attract better views.

#4 Create videos with specific attention to detail

While creating your video you must pay meticulous attention to details. Remember that people are following your videos to learn something or know about something in detail.

Keep the following points in mind:

  • You must provide a step by step tutorial if you are teaching something to your viewers. For instance, if you are showing a recipe to your viewers you should show each and every step in detail including the ingredients you are using. This would leave your viewers impressed and they would surely come back soon to learn more from you.
  • You must use a good camera and have proper lighting to produce a clearly visible video in high quality. Putting up a hazy video in poor quality with shaky camera movements and dull lighting never attracts good number of viewers. Nobody would want to watch a video where neither the picture quality is impressive nor is the sound clear. Try to minimize background noises as far as possible to create a better video for your viewers.
  • Talk to the point and fluently in your videos. Irrespective of the language you are speaking you should sound crisp and clear. Pay attention to detail instead of beating about the bush so that your viewers do not lose interest in the video. Try not to stutter or sound confused as your viewers would always prefer you to be confident enough about the topic you are discussing.

#5 Try attracting your viewers

If you have to attract a good number of viewers and remain popular among the audience you need to apply certain tips and tricks to impress the people. The biggest mistake people do is to start their videos with a really long and boring introduction which disinterests people after the initial 1 or 2 minutes and they decide to shift to something interesting. Say hello to your audience and enter into the main topic after providing a short introduction. If you see that your video is becoming too long, divide it into two or three parts and ask your audience to stay tuned for the upcoming parts. This would hold on their interests and keep them glued to your channel.

You also need to keep yourself updated about the latest trends in your subject. For instance, if you provide reviews of products in your YouTube videos your viewers would expect you to talk about the latest products in the market. This would make them keep coming back every time they would like to know about the reviews of a newly launched product.

#6 Learn how to maximize your profits and earn money

Gaining popularity through YouTube videos should be your first priority if you wish to create a YouTube channel but once you have a good number of subscribers you can also think of gaining some monetary profits for better business. Connect your YouTube channel to AdSense that allows you to earn money through blogs and videos. Enable monetization of your videos and earn money through AdSense for running ads on your videos. You get paid when viewers watch these ads put up by the advertisers. Advertising certain brands through tie-ups can also generate funds. You can also try other sources to earn money such as merchandising, crowd funding and fan funding where people buy your stuff or extend monetary help to your channel. That can only be done once you have reached a massive number of followers and subscribers for your channel.

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