Top 360+ Free Proxy Sites List for 2016

If you have ever wondered how to access any blocked social media website from your college campus or bypass unnecessary government restrictions that forbid you from visiting any site, then you might have come a long-term called proxy sites. In short, a proxy site is an individual web page that allows you to access blocked websites without any hindrances or restrictive filters. These web pages allow you to bypass the restrictions imposed by your own ISP and browse the website of your choice.

All you have to do to visit a blocked website is visit a proxy site and type in the website address in the required field.

It is that simple!

But that’s not all, these websites not only allow you to visit blocked websites but also maintain your online privacy. If you ever wanted to browse anonymously for whatever reason, then you should know the usefulness of such sites. The websites that you occasionally visit has the capability to collect information about your IP address and then can use it to track down more information related to you.

There are hundreds of free, Internet-based proxy servers that function as an intermediary between those websites and your computer. When you are using such a proxy website, the final webpage that you visit will see the IP address of the proxy website rather than what has been provided by your Internet Service Provider.

Though proxy sites may be used for banking and e-commerce transactions like buying something online or paying bills, I recommend that you check the authenticity of the site before making such deals. Also, you may consider using a VPN for such transactions.

To protect your online privacy, the best solution available at one’s disposal is the use of proxy sites.

To start with we talk about the basics of proxy sites, their types, their uses and how they work. Then we move on to the top 10 web proxies and finally conclude with a list of over 360 freely available web proxies. So if you wish to go the proxy sites directly, navigate to the bottom and then slowly move up.

How do Proxy Servers Function?

When a user requests to visit a particular webpage from a proxy website, the proxy site, first of all, looks through its local cache of previously visited pages. If such a page is found, it returns that page to the user without requiring to forward such a request to the Internet service provider. If such a page is not present in the cache, then the proxy server acts as a client on the user’s behalf and makes use of one of its own IP addresses to fetch the desired page out of the bounds regulated by the Internet.

Unfortunately, there is a social and moral drawback attached to the use of proxy servers. Proxy servers are often used for illegal purposes because of which it is severely frowned upon by some governments and ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Still the usefulness of proxy servers far outweigh the disadvantages. For example, in a company, a proxy server may be used for maintaining security, control administrative functions, maintain a cache of services or other things. A personal user may make use of a proxy server to facilitate anonymous surfing and keep the privacy of browsing.

The proxy server is however also invisible to the user as all Internet requests and responses that have returned appear directly with such an addressed Internet server. Users can access various proxy sites online or make use of a plug-in in a web browser to continually make use of the proxy server. Different proxy servers may serve either one user or many per server. These options are often referred to as shared and dedicated proxy providers, respectively.

top 260 proxy sites list - how do proxy servers work


  • To keep systems anonymous for security reasons
  • To prohibit access to certain content or website for whatever reasons
  • To facilitate speedy access to resources through the use of caching
  • To access websites that may have been prohibited or blocked by ISP, government, or institution
  • To bypass parental controls or security
  • To scan for malware in transmitted content before delivery
  • To allow websites to make requests to resources that are hosted externally, when restrictions are present that prohibit direct linking of the website to outside domains

Now you know what proxy is, few uses of it, and the downside of using such proxy sites. It’s also a good idea to know the types of proxy servers available which will help you design or choose the perfect proxy for you. If you directly wish to go to the list of top 360 proxies, click here.

Types of Proxy Servers

Forward Proxy – These types of proxies are pretty straightforward and functions when the client server provides a name of the target server that it is to connect. These proxy servers can fetch information from a large pool of resources that are present on the Internet.

Reverse Proxy – This proxy can handle almost every type of request about resources available on destination servers without requiring the user to perform any action. This kind of proxy is mostly used to enable access to a website indirectly when several security measures forbid to do so or to prevent website access, an example being when the government or ISP decides to block or prohibit users from accessing a website. Regardless of the reasons why websites may be blocked, reverse proxies can be used to stop access to illegal, immoral, or content that is copyrighted. Websites that are new also make use of these proxy servers to prohibit users from viewing confidential information that may have been leaked.

Anonymous Proxy – This type hides the IP address of the user, which allows them to access content that is restricted by firewalls or to overcome IP address bans. They can also be used as a method for enhanced privacy, or to gain protection from any Internet IP related attacks.

Transparent Proxy – This type is responsible for centralizing network traffic. Usually found towards the exit of the network of the corporate entity, it is a part of a gateway server that separates such a network from all external networks (typically denoting the Internet) and also a firewall responsible for protecting the network from any intrusion that may arise from external sources. These proxy sites have a purpose of administering network traffic and also monitor corporate networks.

Open proxy – The Open Proxy is a type of forwarding proxy server that can be accessed by anyone who is using the Internet. While there is a saying that there are hundreds and thousands of open proxies available, the open anonymous proxies allow users to hide their IP address while browsing any website or using any service on the Internet. The degrees of anonymity, however, may vary according to the application of the website.

Why Do You Need to Use a Proxy Service?

Now that you know what proxy sites are and their possible advantages and disadvantages, it is time that you know about the many uses of such websites. For a novice user, it is very easy to understand how to use a proxy. Using a proxy server to browse the Internet anonymously and safely has multiple advantages that extend way beyond accessing just prohibited websites and bypassing additional security. Some of the traditional use of proxy servers are the following.

  1. Bypassing censorship

Many times the government, ISP, or Traditional campuses block access to particular content that they may feel is evil or unnecessary. However, in reality, that may not be the case as the client wishes to access such website might actually be in need. This is where the use of proxy comes in as it helps to bypass the filter that exists on the destination site. It is told that use of web proxies are the most common methods employed by users to bypass filters imposed by the government.

Using proxy servers to access restricted content is easy. All you have to do is visit a proxy website and type in the URL of the end destination that you wish to visit. Voila! No more blocked content.

  1. Filtering encrypted data

Web filtering proxies cannot peer inside the sockets of HTTP transactions that have been secured, holding the assumption that SSL/TLS chain of trust has not tampered already. The SSL/TLS relies solely on root certificate authorities. In a workplace organization, where such a client is run by the group, the root certificate has the trust that has been granted as it possesses the private key that is known to the proxy. A root certificate that is generated by proxy is installed into the browser by the IT staff of the organization.

In such a situation, analysis of content through the use of proxy becomes possible. The proxy operates as the main attack force that has been allowed by the clients root certificate trust, which the proxy is in ownership of.

  1. Content control

A web proxy in holding content filtering provides administrative rights over the content that may be related through the proxy. This use is mostly made by both commercial and non-commercial organizations to ensure that Internet use is restricted to “acceptable use policy.” Various schools, college campuses, and workplaces to restrict websites and many online services that may otherwise be available within their premises. Governments also put a control to malicious and undesirable content with the help of specialized proxy, known as a content filter, or by making use of cash extension protocol. Example- ICAP allows expansion of plug-ins to an architecture of open caching.

  1. Logging and eavesdropping

Even though this falls within the regions of improper use, proxies can be installed to eavesdrop on the data that flows between the web and client machine. Every content sent or accessed, including password submitted as well as cookies, can be stolen and analyzed by the operator of the proxy. This is the reason passwords of online services such as banking and webmail should always be exchanged through a connection that is cryptographically secured; example – SSL. Use of proxies of which the administrators and policies are unknown can land the user to be a victim of a false sense of security due to many details that I just left out of sight and out of mind. Many websites block IP addresses that have records of using proxies or have engaged in spamming or malicious activity, which is another inconvenience of using proxies.

  1. Improving performance

A Certain type of proxies known as caching proxy server speeds up server request by retrieving content that was previously saved by either the same client or any other client. This type of proxy keeps copies of frequent access to resources locally, which allows large organizations to reduce their bandwidth and cost by keeping upstream bandwidth at a minimum. Most large business houses and ISPs employ caching proxy to keep their costs low. This type of proxies is used to cache various web pages from a Web server.

  1. Accessing services anonymously

Web proxy often called anonymous proxy server facilitates anonymous web surfing. Even though there are various types of proxies within this category, the intention is more or less the same for all of them. The destination server that has been requested by the client receives a request from an anonymous proxy server instead of the user’s web address, thus maintaining the privacy of the customer. However, the requests that are made to the anonymous proxy sites come at a degree of trust of non-reveal of information that exists between the user and the proxy server. Often, many proxy servers find themselves by displaying advertisements on their web pages.

  1. Security

Proxies can help maintain the secrecy of a company’s internal network structure through the use of network address translation that helps keep the security intact of such network. It happens by making anonymous requests from machines and end users present on a local network. For added efficiency, proxies are also combined with firewalls to gain the maximum security possible. However, care has to be taken to configure the proxy correctly or else it may give access to a particular network, which should have otherwise remained isolated from the Internet.

So now you are aware of many uses of proxy sites, among which many can help you directly to access certain content or to bypass unfair restrictions. By learning how to use a proxy correctly, you can make sure that safety of information is always maintained, and it never falls into the wrong hands. Through the utilization of a proxy, you can gain access to various types of music, play games that the makers have restricted in your region, download videos, share content, and do many other things that would not be possible without such use of proxy servers.

Top 10 Proxy Sites

Now that you know everything about web proxies let’s take a look at the top 10 available in the market right now. After covering the top 10 free and paid web proxies, we’ve included a list of over 350 functional proxy sites or servers that you can use.

Free Web Proxies

  1. HideMyAss

HMA or HideMyAss is often referred to as the global leader that provides website proxy and VPN services. Their primary business is to provide secure VPN service, but they also host a free proxy site for people who want to browse the web anonymously but don’t require the security of a VPN. They operate from the UK and provide unparalleled ease of access to any website. You can try their free web proxy here and if you want the ability to choose the protocol, need secure access from all the devices that you own, consider getting the VPN.

  1. VyprVPN Golden Frog

When it comes to user friendliness, this proxy service probably beats every other available in the market. Leaving aside the user-friendly interface, this VPN has over 700 servers in its possession that are spread across 52 different locations throughout the world. Around 200,000 IP addresses are provided for you to cycle through to avoid a flagged IP address. It has great security features that make use of SSL and the even better TSL encryption. Both 128-bit encryption and 256-bit encryption modes are provided as per your requirement. Thus, helping you to ultimately maintain your anonymity on the Internet. VyprVPN is a VPN provider, but unlike others, they provide a free plan, and moreover VPN being a more secure version of a proxy site, we considered mentioning it here. Try VyprVPN.

  1. CyberGhost

Like the above two, CyberGhost is a VPN provider as well, but they also provide a free web proxy that can be used by anyone without signing up. For those who prefer an easy to use a platform, this name will come out on top as it allows easy installation guide as well as a well-crafted interface that takes almost no time to get familiar to. This proxy has 511 servers in over 30 different locations, which gives you the flexibility to choose a server based on your requirement of usage, but the free web proxy only allows you to choose from three locations – US, Romania & Germany. There are three additional options to configure the download of cookies, scripts (JavaScript & ActiveX) and objects. Try CyberGhost here.


This is a company based in Malaysia, which had a large German influence in the initial release. Now the company has gone global and have introduced English interfaces to their product. This company has more than 115 servers spread across 23 countries in the world, but their free proxy only allows a choice of 3 countries and configuration options like CyberGhost. also allows the URL’s and the pages to be encrypted for better privacy. You can try here.

  1. VPNBook Web Proxy

This free VPN service has been in the market for around a year and has already established a reputation that can match up against many paid services. Even though they have a paid plan for those who want a dedicated VPN, their free service offers a total of 6 different servers to choose from. As the number of users visiting the website grow every passing day, it no longer remains doubt that this service is completely legitimate, in contrast to what many people have to say.

Paid Web Proxies/VPN

If you are interested in using a paid product, then you might as well check out VPNs instead of proxies as they are not only more secure but faster in comparison to proxy services. Check out the following amazing VPN services that you can use from next time onwards.

  1. IPVanish

This is another familiar name in the VPN world as it offers easy-to-use dashboard and plenty of options in choosing IP addresses. Based on your requirements and location, you can choose between 40,000 IP addresses and a total of 325 servers, spread across 60 countries. Installation mode is extremely easy as setting up an account and downloading this software just takes a few minutes. All you have to do to get started is select a server based on your location or according to your need from the dashboard.

Data encryption method employed is 256 bit, which is the most advanced available right now. IPVanish has thousands of IP addresses spread across a vast number of servers in different locations, uses best encryption mode available to maintain your anonymity, tech support through 24-hour email is extremely efficient and prompt and can be accessed through Android, Windows Phone, and Apple platforms. Lack of live chat feature or voice chat over telephone does make getting customer support a bit difficult, though.

  1. TorGuard

This is an anonymous VPN service that stretches over 45 server locations and has 20,098 IP addresses available at its disposal. 256-bit file encryption proxy service is used as well as TLS tunneling. TorGuard Anonymous VPN has server locations stretched across countries like Russia, Netherlands, Romania, US, and the UK. Once you have connected to the proxy service, choose any server based on your need or location, and everything else will be taken care of automatically.

There is a function called kill switch that can come in handy to protect your browsing identity and data if ever the VPN connection drops. It offers robust security features characterized by the use of 24-bit encryption and TSL and excellent 24/7 customer support desk that also accepts emails. Use this proxy tool on a maximum of five devices simultaneously from one single account. It also does not store any log or traffic either from web proxy or its virtual private network.

  1. Private Internet access

As the name itself is self-explanatory, this is another proxy service that does an excellent job in maintaining your anonymity. It helps to keep your data secure by being a location and IP address secret. Even though the interface and dashboard are not as easy to navigate through as other products in the market, it does offer better security than the rest. Connection to servers happens via PPTP, L2TP, and the best of all OpenVPN.

A virtual private network is created which keeps your data secure and safe as the data is transmitted through a TLS encrypted tunnel. Both 128 bit and 256-bit encryption are present to ensure maximum protection of data. Private Internet Access offers fabulous security options that provide complete anonymity, use of gift card for registration instead of personal credit card is a welcome feature and ability to use PIA on more than one device at once.

  1. OverPlay:

With a total of 62 servers in possession that is spread across 48 different locations, OverPlay VPN offers top notch protection and anonymity for you to exchange information safely and browse the web. Your data is kept secure through the usage of 128-bit encryption that enables speedy general transmission, which is often missing from systems that use 256-bit encryption method. Signing up and getting started with OverPlay VPN is easy because all you have to do is sign a simple form that takes you to the payment getaway. The web proxy browser installs automatically, and in case that it does not, there are always installation instructions that you can follow to get the job done. OverPlay is very to install and has an easy to use interface. It allows a maximum of two devices to connect at once and make use of the web proxy. If set up with a router, you can connect an unlimited number of devices! Pages load faster on OverPlay since it uses 128=-bit encryption that is faster to decode. It offers different tunneling protocols like PPTP, L2TOP, and OpenVPN. OverPlay makes use of SSL rather than TSL, which is a more advanced security encryption method somehow undermines your sense of safety and customer support can get frustrating at times.

  1. PureVPN:

This is another great proxy service provider that enables secure Internet connection through the use of a virtual private network. It is a web proxy service that has as many as 450 servers spread across 101 different locations throughout the world. It provides 80,000 unique IP addresses that you can use to keep your location protected and your identity anonymous. It has strong security features that make use of 256-bit encryption, which is the strongest available.

One of the biggest strengths of this service is its accessibility, which allows it to be used on any device. This proxy can be accessed through a device based on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and other platforms. Even better is the fact that it can be used for a total of five devices simultaneously.

proxy sites list

List of 360+ Proxy Sites

  1. HideMyAss:
  2. Ninja Clock –
  3. AnonyMouse –
  4. BlewPass –
  5. AnonyMizer –
  6. England Proxy:
  7. kProxy –
  8. Zfreez –
  9. Vobas –
  10. Don’t Filter –
  11. Vtunnel –
  12. Proxify –
  13. Proxy –
  14. New Ip Now –
  15. Web Proxy –
  16. 4everproxy –
  17. Unblock My Web –
  18. YouTube Unblock Proxy –
  19. Working Proxy –
  20. Free Open Proxy –
  21. Proxy 2014 –
  22. Unblock YouTube Free –
  23. Free YouTube –
  24. HideOnline Proxy –
  25. Optin Proxy –
  26. Unblock YouTube Beat School –
  27. Hiding Your Info –
  28. Unblocker –
  29. Fast USA Proxy –
  30. Rapid Proxy –
  31. Quickproxy –
  32. YouTube Free Proxy –
  33. Defilter –
  34. Free Proxy Server –
  35. Free YouProxyTube –
  36. The Best Proxy –
  37. Quick Browse –
  38. Untraceable –
  39. EXCS –
  40. Proxyo –
  41. Just Proxy –
  42. Bnosy –
  43. My Red Proxy –
  44. Proxy-2014 –
  45. VPN Browse –
  46. ProxyOne –
  47. Web Proxy Free –
  48. Can’t Block This –
  49. Hide The Internet –
  50. Greatest Free Proxy –
  51. Proxay –
  52. ViewTube –
  53. HideMyTraxProxy –
  54. Working Proxy –
  55. Star Doll Proxy –
  56. HideMyAss UK –
  57. PRO Unblock –
  58. F4FP –
  59. TiaFun-
  60. Proxy 4 Freedom –
  61. WebSurf Proxy –
  62. Fish Proxy –
  63. DZ Hot –
  64. 1FreeProxy –
  65. Sporium –
  66. Saoudi Proxy –
  67. Proxy Browse –
  68. Proxy Internet –
  69. Jezus Loves This Proxy –
  70. Unblocko –
  71. German Proxy –
  72. My Free Proxy –
  73. Spin Proxy –
  74. CA Proxies –
  75. Proxy 2015 –
  76. FB Proxies –
  77. America Proxy –
  78. Suede Proxy –
  79. PK Proxy –
  80. To Proxy –
  81. PHProxy –
  82. London Proxy –
  83. Kr Proxy –
  84. Brazil Proxy –
  85. Canada Proxy –
  86. US Proxy –
  87. Spedo –
  88. US Proxy –
  89. You Liaoren –
  90. Zacebook PK –
  91. Proxys –
  92. Justun Block IT –
  93. Network ByPass –
  94. Go Proxy –
  95. Proxy This –
  96. Me Hide –
  97. Zalmos –
  98. kProxy Site –
  99. Xite Now –
  100. Hidden Digital –
  101. Surf For Free –
  102. Intern Cloud –
  103. Singapore Proxy –
  104. PRO Intern –
  105. Fast Time –
  106. Work Host –
  107. Travel VPN –
  108. Proxy Call MeNames –
  109. Host App –
  110. Fun Proxy –
  111. Unblock Proxy-
  112. Proxy Tube –
  113. Free Open Proxy –
  114. Hope Proxy –
  115. Safe Proxy –
  116. Private Surf –
  117. ZacebookPK Proxy-
  118. Europe Proxy –
  119. Stealth Proxy –
  120. SSL Proxy –
  121. Thunder Proxy –
  122. Filterless Browser –
  123. Free Browser –
  124. Proxy Power –
  125. Web Surf –
  126. You Server –
  127. Proxxxy-
  128. Speed Proxy-
  129. IP Concealer –
  130. Proxz Proxy –
  131. Free Web Now-
  132. Proxy Monkey –
  133. Proxy Sites For School:
  134. 8au –
  135. Ruuh Proxy-
  136. Let Me Go –
  137. Fast Proxy 2U –
  138. Evelez –
  139. EZ Proxee –
  140. Ican Browse –
  141. I M So Sneaky –
  142. Certain Proxy –
  143. ConcealedWeb –
  144. Finxe –
  145. Keep-It –
  146. Let Me Unblock –
  147. Apple-Nike –
  148. Proxy23 –
  149. My space ip change –
  150. Bored Surf –
  151. 4ra –
  152. 4ri –
  153. Let Me Unblock –
  154. My Space ip Change –
  155. UC Proxy –
  156. School Bites –
  157. High School Surf –
  158. Campus By Pass –
  159. O3 –
  160. Rapid Wire –
  161. Surf Spy –
  162. Now You Dont –
  163. Unblockitall –
  164. Daubed –
  165. Surfgames –
  166. Proxy Listed –
  167. Bowse PC –
  168. Surf Connect –
  169. Firoxy –
  170. Hide Your –
  315. Star Doll Proxy –
  316. HideMyAss UK –
  317. F4FP –
  318. TiaFun-
  319. Proxy 4 Freedom –
  320. WebSurf Proxy –
  321. Fish Proxy –
  322. DZ Hot –
  323. 1FreeProxy –
  324. Sporium –
  325. Saoudi Proxy –
  326. Proxy Browse –
  327. Proxy Internet –
  328. Jezus Loves This Proxy –
  329. German Proxy –
  330. CA Proxies –
  331. Proxy 2015 –
  332. FB Proxies –
  333. America Proxy –
  334. PK Proxy –
  335. Suede Proxy –
  336. To Proxy –
  337. PHProxy –
  338. London Proxy –
  339. Kr Proxy –
  340. Brazil Proxy –
  341. Canada Proxy –
  342. US Proxy –
  343. Spedo –
  344. US Proxy –
  345. You Liaoren –
  346. Zacebook PK –
  347. Proxys –
  348. Justun Block IT –
  349. Network ByPass –
  350. Go Proxy –
  351. Proxy This –
  352. Me Hide –
  353. Zalmos –
  354. kProxy Site –
  355. Xite Now –
  356. Hidden Digital –
  357. Surf For Free –
  358. Intern Cloud –
  359. Singapore Proxy –
  360. PRO Intern –
  361. Fast Time –
  362. Work Host –
  363. Travel VPN –
  364. Proxy Call MeNames –
  365. Host App –
  366. Fun Proxy –

Free vs. Paid Web Proxies?

Paid proxy servers clearly have an upper hand over free ones because they allow you access to a vast number of IP addresses, which you can choose according to your location and requirement. However, one thing also has to be kept in mind that not everyone can afford a paid subscription nor want to go through the hassle of providing banking, credit card details, and go through the entire process of registration, download and uses. This is where free proxy sites come in handy as it offers quick access to the end of the website almost instantaneously.

Why Have We Listed So Many Proxy Sites?

The reason we provide links to 350 free proxy websites is to give you choice and free dom to choose the one you like. You can make your pick and go with the best one. Access to a vast number of sites can almost eliminate the risk of encountering IP bans and get you access to the content that you desire. Often it happens that many people with malicious intentions carry out harmful activities through the use of proxy servers. Things like spamming, trolling, and various types of hacking activities are carried out by people thus leading the websites to ban certain proxy IP addresses.

This is the reason why you must stay updated with the latest proxy sites that you can access at any time. The world of proxy servers is volatile as daily some websites are shut down due to a breach of any policy or security quickly gets outdated due to an incompatibility of website management. As everyday new proxy sites turn up on the web, which all claim ‘better than the rest’ features, it is best for you to stay informed about the ones that actually have proved their worth and has established itself as a reliable among the people.

Ending Note

Sometimes, free proxy sites are operated by hackers whose sole intention is to steal information about credit card details. Thus, we have brought to you a list of 350 proxy websites that are reliable and have no history of shady activity whatsoever that may call for any doubt on your part. Remember to take extra care of your banking and credit card details because this is what most hackers are after. Keeping the above points in mind, selecting your favorite proxy website should be a walk in the park.

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