Pressy – Android Button to Get More of Your Android

Like you control the Android music player using the buttons available on your earphone, do you also want to control other features of your smartphone? You know what, starting March 2014 it’ll be possible using Pressy! Pressy is not only an app, but it actually adds another physical button to your smartphone.

Simply plug in Pressy into the earphone slot and you are good to go! Like you press the button on your earphone to control the music, press Pressy to do a range of actions! Like you short-press the button once to capture a photo, you long press the same to capture a video. You press the button twice to start voice recording and you press it thrice to launch your favorite app.

With Pressy everything you can think of is possible! If you often use voice recorder on your phone, to open it you’d need to follow a sequence of steps like unlock your phone, browse through windows to find the app, open it and then start recording but with Pressy you access it using just 1 or 2 presses without even having to open your eyes. For example you can configure to start voice recording with 1 short press and voice recording will start in no time! That’s how it works. You can configure an infinite number of presses for various actions.

Pressy Features

#1 Compact is a big word for Pressy. Pressy is small!

#2 Not only an app, but a physical button.


#3 Allows you to do more than just changing a song.

#4 Allows you to control all aspects of your smartphone and even allows you to kill tasks and launch your favorite apps.

#5 Comes with a key chain model.

pressy keychain

#6 Doesn’t damage the look and feel of your smartphone.

pressy dimensions

pressy dimensions 2

#7 Compatible with all big and small Android smartphones.

What all can Pressy do?

what can pressy do

 This is definitely not a complete list of what Pressy can actually do. You can configure your own actions and here’s how you do it!

How to Use Pressy?

Watch this simple graphic and you’d be able to use Pressy in no time.

how to use pressy


The only con is that you’d have to take out your headphone each time you want to use Pressy. So if you are a frequent music listener, this is something you’d hate to do.

If your earphones or headphones are Android compatible and if there are physical buttons present on them, you can use it with Pressy. This is the only workaround I can think of right now.

How Much Does Pressy Cost?

While Pressy hasn’t made way into the market, its pre-orders have already started. For the first 300 buyers Pressy was priced at $15, but these have already been taking. Now the most basic version of Pressy comes in black color with a price tag of $17.

If you want a different color for yourself, you can pay $20 to get Pressy either in Blue, White or Red!

If you’d like to have a key chain as well with the basic model of Pressy, you can get it for $20!

If you’d like to have Pressy in Blue, White or Red and want the key chain you’d have to shell out $25.

There’s a gold coated Pressy available too. It comes with a key chain which is also gold coated. It’s available for $45.

If you are getting it shipped to a foreign country, you’d have to pay an extra $5.

Pressy Availability?

Though the demo models of Pressy are ready, Pressy still hasn’t made way into the market. Pre-orders for Pressy have already started and the delivery is scheduled to begin on March next year if not earlier. You can pre-order Pressy from this link.

As they call it, Pressy is the almighty Android button. How excited are you for Pressy to be available?

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