PlayStation Meeting is Hosted By Sony After Two Years. What is Cooking?

In a gap of two years, Sony Corp is going to host its first important meeting, thus increasing the speculations whether the mammoth Japanese consumer electronics giant is eyeing to unveil the successor to its PS3 games console which has generated whopping 70 million users.

At a meeting, held in New York, Sony emphatically denied to comment on the question where it is releasing a new product. Spokesman Masaki Tsukakoshi on Friday only said, that there will be discussions about the PlayStation business.

The craze of the games has generated never ending popularity as a Google search for “Sony Feb 20 Play Station throws open more than  7 million hits.

It was in the month of January in 2011, that Sony held a PlayStation event where the prototype of the handled Vita console was presented. Prior to that, in 2005, there was a gathering which was held exactly two months after it first demonstrated the PS3 concept.

It has indeed been six long years since PS3 home console was launched by Sony, thus generating even more curiosity that there will be a disclosure about the next gaming concept.

Thanks to the last home console launch, there has been a boom in the gaming market as smartphones as well as tablet computers have left no stone unturned towards wooing players with cheap as well as free games.

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