Online Shopping Sites – They Compete, You Benefit!

The journey of buying good online began around two decades back when in 1994 Pizza Hut started selling pizzas online for the very first time. During the same year, first online shopping system was launched by Intershop. A year after that world saw two new online shopping sites and the biggest competitors of each other till date – Amazon and eBay.

A decade back there were hardly any online shopping sites. Though you could find most things things at a cheap price, you’d still have tO spend more or less the same amount you’d spend if you got that from a local shop. No more! A lot of shopping sites have come up in the last few years, but Amazon and eBay still lead.

In India the scenario is different. Several shopping sites have come up in India which include Flipkart, Tradus, Jabong, Junglee and many more. Amazon which recently launched its services in India may prove to be a threat to all the shopping sites currently functioning in India. The news of launch of in India went viral and so did the fears of losing market spread among its competitors with Flipkart fearing the most! Now lets forget how launch of Amazon in India affects Flipkart and its other competitors and rather focus on how it affects the consumers, the customers who actually buy things off these sites!

Since the news of Amazon launching in India spread, Flipkart has launched dozens of offers to prevent its customers from going to Amazon and in return Amazon has launched its own set of offers to lure customers into buying goods through Amazon and in short dumping Flipkart over Amazon!

Out of the several offers both companies have launched against each other, to keep the other out of the market, I find today’s offer by Amazon the most amazing! is offering Samsung Galaxy S4 for a price of Rs. 34829 which comes to around 600 dollars and is sixty dollars less than the price average price fr which it’s available on other online shopping stores.

So when these sites are competing against each other, you actually get to enjoy shopping without hurting your pockets a lot. For example if you can save 50-60 dollars on a mobile phone, it’s just great! There are several more deals these sites are constantly launching to get noticed more than its competitor. As they do it, all you got to do is to sit back and enjoy discounts! Keep visiting these sites on a day to day basis. Check their blogs and subscribe to their newsletters especially because thats where they share new offers. If there’s a product you are keen on buying, bookmark the page and make it a point to open that page at least once every day. In the current scenario, the chances are high that there may arrive a new offer the next time you reload the page!

Good luck shopping and wish you save a lot of money!

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