NameStation – Yet Another Random Domain Name Generator!

I will keep this post sweet and simple. Like Wordoid and NameThingy, NameStation is also a random domain name generator the only difference being that it offers some more options. Here’s the screen-grab of the options panel you get.

namestation options panel


Language – Select your desired language. You get more than 20 languages to choose from including regional languages like Hindi.

Extension – Looking only for .com’s or .net’s? This is the option you should have a look on. If you choose .com, NameStation will only look for available .com domains and not others. Similarly you can select .net, .co, .in, .biz, .info, etc.

Alternate Keywords – When you enter a keyword in the Optional Keywords field, some similar keywords will automatically appear just below the ‘Generate’ button. If you are happy with the keyword you’ve entered you can continue to use it or choose one of the suggestions provided by NameStation.

Length – This option allows you to make sure that you don’t get a domain longer than what you want. In the first field enter the minimum number of characters you want to be there in your domain. Keep this setting to 4 since domains shorter than 4 characters are no longer available. And enter 7 or 8 in the second field. You can increase this number if you are looking for longer domain names.

Prefix – If you want a keyword to be present before the domain name, enter it here.

Suffix – If you want a keyword to be present in the latter part of the domain name, enter it here.

Once you’ve set all the options and hit the ‘Generate’ button, name suggestions will start flooding in. Available domain names will be in blue color while the rest will be in grey. Clicking on any of the names will give you options to check the WhoIs, Alexa, SEMRush, Trademark details. In addition you’d also see an option to directly register the domain if it’s available. If the domain is available on sale or auction, you’d get the necessary option.

On the right side of the page, there are several more options available most of which require to create a NameStation account for free.

Some of these options are,

Page Size – By default only 20 suggestions will be shown in a page. If you want more domain names to be visible in the same page, change this option. You’ll have to create an account to use this feature.

Default Registrar – By default, NameStation links all the available domains with Godaddy. So whenever you click on an available domain name, you’ll be redirected to a GoDaddy page from where you can register it. If you use any other domain registrar, select it. You don’t need a NameStation account to use this feature.

Find Related Keywords – If you are looking for some related keywords, click on this.

Hold a Public Name Contest – If you are willing to spend a few dollars, you can start a contest where in NameStation users will suggest you domain names and you can select one of them.

Top 100 keywords & Top 50 lists – These aren’t really options, but they do help you in diversifying your domain name search.

Append Lists – NameStation houses several words separated into categories which you can add to your keyword and get millions of domain name suggestions in no time.

Suffixes – Used to append words towards the end of your domain.

Overlapping Words – I couldn’t figure what this option does, but this is another option available đŸ˜‰

Alliterations – Appends words sounding like the first few characters of your entered keyword towards the beginning or end of your keyword.

Append Related Words – Appends word(s) with similar meaning to that of the entered keyword towards the beginning or end of the keyword.

Translate – Translate the keyword you’ve entered to another language.

All Extensions – Use to search for all domain extensions at once instead of searching .com’s first and then .net and so on.

For Sale – Use to find domains on auction or sale.

That’s all I gotta say about NameStation. You can try it here.

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