Mall Shopping – Quality vs. Expense

Are you planning to go shopping? Do try convenient shopping centers like malls. Know the features and benefits of these centers, along with quick tips on saving money while shopping here. A complete guide to quality and expense at malls is here.

Malls- One Stop for Everything

city mall

Gone are the days when people had to rage hot sun, cold nights in open and travel far to buy groceries, clothes etc. You do not have to fret around on roads from one lane to another for things you need anymore. Avoid heat, dust, unclean pavements, hassle of noise by walking in an air-conditioned building, which will cater to almost all your needs.

Make a list of items you require, and attain everything at one place at one time. Just visit a mall and find all necessities under a roof. One of the greatest advantages of such shopping platforms is availability of everything from food, clothing, accessories and lot more. It is a family oriented venue, where you can just be yourself.

Entertainment – The Fun Zone is Here

mall entertainment

A unique selling point of malls is that they house every kind of entertainment a person will demand in his/ her life. Movie theaters, game rooms, restaurants etc are present here. Moreover, constant interactive shows are often held in malls. This allows people to engage in entertaining shows other than just shopping. You cannot remain bored with such warming activities. Soft and amusing instrumentals always play in background to keep your mood fresh.

Brands – Knowing the Best

mall brands

Most of the known brands in clothing, food, theater etc are found here. You can get western as well as Indian brands frolicking right in-front of your eyes. There are individual stores, which offer not just one, but several products at the same time. Stores like Globus, Shopper’s Stop, Max, and Big Bazaar house fashionable shoes, clothing, watches, jewelries, and other inevitable.

Popular Brand Watch: Lee Cooper, Levis, Pepe, Esprit, Hoddy Ideas, Woodland United Colors of Benetton, Fab India, Allen Solly, Esbeda, Wrangler, Titan, Planet Sports, Mochi, Lifestyle, Guess, Naskshatra, Provogue, Spykar, Biba,  D’damas, Global Desi, Ed Hardy, Beverly Hills Polo, Gitanjali Jewels, Gini And Joni, Hidesign, Jashn, Bossini, Aldo, Forest Essentials, Calvin Klein, Nyassa, Catwalk, Swarovski, Blackberrys, Cartier, Cottonworld, Arrow, And, Van Huesen, Zodiac.

Options – Choose what you like

mall shopping

Do you want to take your family out for shopping? Nothing is better than a trip to mall, as you can pamper women with jewelries, head gears, and probably buy them massage package. Men can opt for stylish belts, watches, DIY items, clothing accessories and children can spend time in sports zones, playing interesting games. After an action packed day, you can retire at amazing food joints and coffee houses, calming your senses amidst fragrance of coffee beans and delicacies.

Quality Speaks – Enjoy Lavish Delights

mall food

You will get premium quality items at malls. As everything here is branded, complaints regarding authenticity, no warranty and adultery are almost absent. Moreover, service to people is not negotiated with, rather you will feel secure, and at ease here. You can always choose to contact the management of mall at help desk, if any queries. Just like a home, this space has clean washrooms, cooler with sanitized water, and extra benches for seating. A map displaying floor plan of shops is provided in this air-conditioned building, making navigation easier for people.

Expenditure – The Sensible Spending

mall spending

When you are buying branded stuff, you are bound to spend more than expenditure on roadside stalls. Keep your pockets full, if not carry plastic money when you venture here. While quality is assured, you also need to pay for it. However, the things you buy from mall generally lasts longer than roadside items, this is my personal experience, and so the tell tales of others.

Clothes mostly do not bleed dyes, tear rarely and stay crisp and smart more than usual clothing bought from unbranded stores. Accessories like watches, jewelries, and even food are satisfactory. However, not demeaning stores outside mall, shopping here is a fulfilling experience because of comfort rendered. Hence, spending a bit more than on regular shops at malls is a fair bargain for many.

Not everything is expensive here, some things are pretty reasonably charged. Surveys have proved that many dislike mall shopping because of too much expenditure, while others are not okay with air-conditioned area due to health reasons. Everything has its pros and cons. If you are looking for a new age shopping experience, then surely do try visiting a mall.

Tips to Save Money while Mall Shopping

mall discounts and sales

As we know, mall shopping asks for quite a lot of expenditure, it is better to prepare yourself, if you are planning to give a visit here. Here are some tips to help you plan the budget, and save money on such spending.

  • Collect credit card points, tokens and shopping coupons from magazines, newspapers and online portals. Banks and other benefit commercial organizations sometimes offer freebies like shopping package at branded stores, which can be used at those, brand outlets in malls.
  • Decide what you need to buy beforehand, and carry cash accordingly. Do a prior research on the brands you want to choose, and get to know price range of items required. This will allow you to know how much you have to allocate for different necessities, and thereby reduce unnecessary spending.
  • Draw a membership card at your favorite brand store. Being a member entitles you to several benefits and offers, which a non-member may not get. Sign in on their mailing list, as chances to avail free coupons increase, along with updates on new collections.
  • Like outside outlets, even brand stores in malls launch festive offers and discounts. So, to save money, keep a lookout for such opportunities. You can splurge on quality stuff at reasonable expense this way.

Hence, mall shopping is convenient in many ways. If you want to try your hand at branded stores, then the above-listed expense saving tips will definitely help you to buy quality items at budget friendly price.

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