Come November, and festival of lights graces every city of India with joy. Crackers, get-togethers, pujas, delicacies bring the wow factor in each of our lives. But, we have the whole month ahead of us to carry on with fun filled activities. Are you ready to take on this festive fever at the next level?  Let us explore few ideas on how we can make November 2013 more entertaining

I am sure most of us are already loaded with kaju katlis, desi ghee mithais, ladoos and lot many other snack items in midst of Diwali. Right from clothing to home decoration, food, and family functions, we all experience a surge of adrenaline when it comes to lifestyle during festive months.

Though we are nearing the end of November first week, celebrations will not swag, as New Year is approaching. So, how can we keep this month packed with entertainment? Here are ways you can achieve this in a much lavish way.

Outings and Movies – Here Comes the Craziness

ram leela hd wallpaper

You can arrange picnics, go bagpacking, or plan a short trip to relatives and surprise them. As November month is oriented towards festivities. Hence, family gatherings to faraway vacation spots like hotel retreats and amusement parks can be a great idea.

Grab on few fun moments with close ones chomping on spicy popcorns in movie theatres. This November 2013, you can experience some probable hits like Krrish 3, which already released on 3rd of this month. Other tentative dates of jazzy movies are:

  • Satya 2, 8th Nov
  • Ram Leela, 15th Nov
  • Rajjo, 15th Nov
  • Gori Tere Pyar Mein, 22nd Nov
  • Singh Sahab The Great, 22nd Nov
  • Bullet Raja, 29th Nov

Parties – Let your Hair Down

indian parties

Call your friends, family members, and shake your leg on urban dance floor in clubs, lounges and poolsides. If you want personal space, launch house parties. As November is a month reflecting warmth of autumn and approaching winter, you need to choose party spot wisely. Here are few tips to set the ball rolling this month:

  • Plan the budget, and make sure you have few weird accessories stocked to amaze the folks.
  • Those living in northern and Eastern states may choose indoor party spots like living area and probably a covered porch. In western and southern India, it is rather warm this time of the year.
  • Therefore, you can set out for outdoor parties under garden pergola, popping up with quenchers and beverages.

Food – Keep the Yumminess In

delicious chicken platter

For me, November has always been a month of culinary mishmash. I love to try cuisines of various states. If snacks and sweets grow on your nerves after a time, then swing to flavorsome Indian cuisines like:

  • Paneer tikka and skewers, veg pakodas, tandoor dishes. Vegetarians can try seasonal leafy vegetables and koftas. Eat healthy by including sprout and vegetable salad.
  • On the other hand, non.veg lovers can dig in to meaty delights like butter chicken, mutton roganjosh, mushroom kadhai and lot more.
  • To beat the heat, have lassi, chaas, rasam, and kokoam juice. Those countering cold can take a dose of malai waala dudh, traditional soups, garlic and ginger rich dishes.

Clothing – Create Fashion Potpourri

diwali fashion in India

Cut out an edge in fashion by adorning traditional attires, mix and match with western designs and build your own style statement. Here are some wacky ways to dress this month, and catch people’s attention to your persona:

  • Women who like to dress chic can wear short henna patterned kurtas on patiyalas. Accessorize with crystal stilettos of dark hues. Wrap saree with frilled trims jaded with ornamental pieces.
  • Men can swivel their machismo with deep V-cut sherwani with mosaic printed turbans. Accessorize with brooches, bracelets, glitzy watches and finger rings. Well toned, waist fitting suits and tuxedos can bring the oomph.
  • For kids, choose superhero costumes now that Krrish has released. Traditionally for boys, bright toned shirts with open collars can be perfect, while girls can look fabulous in chaniya cholis or glamorous leggings and kurtis.

Home Décor – Get Crafty and Unique

home decor

Cleaning rooms, preparing your dwelling for festive season is the prime activity in our culture. However, we can beautify house with inexpensive items as well, if not willing for a lavish expenditure. Here are some DIY tips for November home decoration:

  • Embellish walls with paintings of Diyas, Diwali, sceneries, and wildlife. Finger print art, sewn tapestries, fabricated portraits are fine examples of simple projects that can be undertaken at home.
  • Splay outdoors with handmade paper lanterns, rangolis, and flower garlands. Insist on easy tasks like preparing fruity potpourri, and using dry fruit shells of pistas in making mosaic art of cardboard.
  • Braid a rug using rag clothes, on weekends and lay it on home entrance. Make paper origami crafts and construct cute wind chimes and closet door hangings with these accents.

Health – Balance your Body

walking for good health

Weather change in November and heavy intake of festive delicacies can cause few health issues. Abdomen issues like diarrhea, stomach upset, and food poisoning may occur, if you are not careful about what you are eating. Here are some tips to staying healthy this month:

  • You can stay fit with few entertaining activities like engaging in sports or just dedicating some time in undertaking short strolls and walks. This way you can burn extra calories without much of a hassle.
  • Sore throat and allergies may be common during this month. Hence, keep a check on what you intake. Look out for ingredients that are allergens for you.
  • Purchase a first aid kit, as burns and injuries due to crackers can happen. Another tip, which many of us avoid, always keep contact numbers of hospitals nearby just in case of any emergency.

I hope you enjoyed the above-mentioned tips and that these were helpful in planning an entertaining November this year. Soon, we will come up with more lifestyle ideas to journey in this crazy fun.

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