Make Your Laptop Look Good With Stickers

A year back I got Acer 5560G. Being a cheap laptop made for everyday use and to some extent high-end computing, it didn’t look as good as Sony Vaio laptops do. Further, it didn’t come with removable skins so buying a skin definitely wasn’t an option. Even if skins were available, I’d never spend thousand bucks on a skin which with time will get boring. I did find some stickers on eBay, but I didn’t like them very much. Moreover I wanted something humorous, something funny, something people could read when they see my laptop and then came this idea in my mind.

When in school, I remember pasting alphabetical stickers on chart papers during projects to make it stand out from the crowd and thought if it could be used to make my laptop look fancy.

I went to my nearby stationery shop and brought several sheets of alphabets in various sizes and colors. Here’s what you are supposed to do.


1. Think of a slogan. I have this on my laptop. On the upper side I have “Please Do Not Touch” and besides the touch-pad I have “Now That You’ve Touched It, Do Not Turn It On”. You can think of some slogans yourself. I don’t mind if you decide to use mine. Just send me a photograph of you using it so that I can congratulate my brain 😉

My Self-made Laptop Skin Using Stickers

2. Get some alphabetical stickers. Though I bought them in various colors, I didn’t use them. Nothing looks better than white. Moreover I wanted a black and white combination since it looks good on my grey metallic laptop. I wasted several stickers because of my carelessness. But since I had 6 sheets, I didn’t face a problem. I’m sure you are careless too, so buy extra sheets.

3. Wipe the entire laptop with a wet cloth. Drain out the water.

4. Paste it on your laptop at your desired positions. Think before you paste the stickers. Removing them is easy, but takes some time as you’ll have to wipe the laptop with a wet cloth again to remove all the glue that came from the stickers. If you paste a sticker wrongly, simply remove it. Don’t use glue. It’ll damage your laptop’s existing look.

5. Once done, press the stickers lightly. Don’t use a heavy object to do this. You can use en eraser.

6. Keep a marker ready. I needed it several times. I feel short of T’s though I had 6 sheets with me, so I had to convert an I into a T 😉 So always keep a marker handy.

That’s it. Enjoy your laptop’s new look.

The stickers easily last for 6 months and even more if they are of good quality.

How to Remove the Stickers?

1. Carefully remove each sticker using your nails. Don’t use a sharp object like a knife. You’ll ruin your laptop’s body if you do that!

2. Once you’ve removed all the stickers, wipe your laptop with a wet cloth. Dry it and wipe it again.

That’s it! If you get bored with the stickers after some time, try a different slogan. You no longer need to buy laptop skins! You can even paste cartoon and bike stickers. I tried it, but they don’t look as good as slogans.

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  1. Suresh Kumar

    Good tip Saksham 😀 with this sticker idea it just cost 10rs or less which keeps us motivated all day long . We can add targets on the laptop and helps 🙂

    • Saksham Talwar

      Yeah, you just gave an amazing idea! We can use our laptops as our notice board reminding us of all the important things including targets! Time to change the stickers I have on my laptop 😛

      • Suresh Kumar

        Did you changed it to targets ? I am going to apply by tomorrow. Let’s see

      • Saksham Talwar

        I didn’t change it yet 😉 Plan to do it soon!

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