3 Ways to Get a Refund on Google Play by Returning the App

We do not buy the wrong app always, but sometimes, we do. And sometimes an app fails to meet our expectations and on other occasions an app simply doesn’t do what it promised it would do in the app description. And sometimes an app isn’t compatible with one of your devices. Google doesn’t let you purchase an app if it isn’t compatible with your device, but an exception may occur. What do you do in such situations? Ask for a refund. Yes, according to Google Play’s terms, if you dislike an app you purchased or if it doesn’t work for you for some reason, you can return it for a full refund.

Please ask for a refund only if the app doesn’t work or if you’re really facing some problem with it. Don’t do it just to try apps and then get your money back. Karma is a bitch they say 😉

Get Refund Using Your Mobile Device

If you’re on your phone and would like to return an app or a game for a full refund, here’s what you gotta do:

1. Open the ‘Google Play Store’ app on your Android phone.

open google play store

2. Touch the ‘Menu’ icon on the upper left of the page.

google play store menu icon on android

3. Select ‘My Account’.

my account button

4. Select the app or game you wish to return for refund.

5. Touch the ‘Refund’ button.

google play store app game refund


6. Touch ‘Yes’ when you see the ‘Are you sure you want to refund this purchase? The app will be uninstalled.’ message.

confirm item return refund

The app will be uninstalled in the background and shortly you’ll receive a confirmation email that the item was successfully returned and that the refund will be processed soon. To cross-check, open the item you just returned in Google Play Store. If you see the price of the app in whatever currency instead of the ‘Installed’ button, the app was successfully returned and refund is on your way. You might not see the ‘Refund’ button if more than two hours have passed since you bought the app or if you’re attempting to return the app for the second time. You can also watch the following video which illustrates the same thing.

Get Refund Using Android TV

  1. Open the ‘Google Play Store’ app.
  2. Select the app you wish to return for refund / cancel.
  3. Select ‘Refund’.

The app will be uninstalled from your system and shortly the amount you paid will be credited to your account. That’s it. If you attempt to follow the same procedure after the return period of two hours has passed, instead of the ‘Refund’ button, you’ll see an ‘Uninstall’ button. Selecting ‘Uninstall’ will remove the app from your device, but sadly you’ll not receive a refund. You can later re-install the app on any of your devices.

Get Refund Using Your Computer / Web Browser

I’d suggest you to go the app way since it’s faster, but still if for some reason you want to return the app using your web browser, here’s how you can do it.

1. Open Google Play on a web browser.

2. Click the ‘Gear’ icon to the right side of the page.

google play gear icon

3. Click on ‘My Account’.

google play my account

4. Next to the application or game you wish to return, click on the ‘Menu’ icon. The one with three dots.

google play menu icon

5. Select ‘Report a Problem’ from the menu that appears.

google play report a problem

6. From the floating box that pops up, select the ‘I’d like to request a refund’ from the available options. Select a reason. Describe your issue. And finally hit the ‘Submit’ button.

ask for a refund in google play using a web browser

The item will be returned for good and the money will be credited to associated card or bank account automatically.

I’ve answered a few common questions below. You might want to go through them.

When can I return an App?

You can return an app or a game within two hours after buying it.

What if it’s more than 2 hours?

Unfortunately if you want a refund after 2 hours, you cannot do it via Google Play Store. You can however directly contact the app developer. If your problem is valid and if the developer is generous enough, he might well issue a full refund. If he doesn’t, I’m sorry, but you lost your money.

Can I buy the app I returned, again?

In certain cases, you might want to buy the app you earlier returned again, may be because the developer solved the bug that caused the app to not function on your phone. You can do it without a problem.

Can I return it again?

Well, no. You can’t. At least not through Google Play Store. Reach out to the app developer and ask for a refund. I wonder if he’ll return your money the second time.

Is the refund instantaneous?

No. It might take some time for the money to be credited back to your account. But don’t worry. Google is a reputed company, so rest assured you’ll get your money back.

I hope this piece helped you return a Google Play Store item for a full refund. Questions and Suggestions welcome.

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