Funny Twitter Accounts Which Make You Laugh All Day!

My friends who aren’t into blogging or marketing and who aren’t fond of following celebrities on Twitter, consider Twitter boring. This post, I dedicate to all my friends who consider Twitter just as a show-off spot for celebs and all others who think Twitter is just another social site and who prefer using Facebook over Twitter and who don’t even give a damn to Twitter. I also dedicate this post to those who have Twitter accounts which are lying inactive since their inception.

So here we go.. Below you’ll find the all-time funniest Twitter accounts which will make you laugh several times a day! I follow them myself and no matter how my day goes, I actually smile a couple of times reading their tweets! Okay, again…here we go!

The Twitter accounts aren’t in ascending nor descending order of popularity. I’ve just listed them in random order and given them a number.

#1 @ItsBadluckBrian

Brian, the fictional character who speaks his mind or rather speaks his luck via this account will surely give you a hearty laugh everyday! The tweets coming out from this account are almost always sad, dealing with ill-luck but will still make you laugh!

#2 @HenriLeChatNoir

Henri is well known on YouTube for his hilarious videos and on Twitter for hilarious tweets. His tweets mostly deal with sleep and laziness.

#3 @Mikeythebrat

With over 17k followers, tweets come from this account multiple times a day and most of them make you laugh.

#4 @common_squirrel

I’m unsure why this account makes me laugh. May be the simple, stupid tweets?! With over 0.1 million followers, this account has something in it!

#5 @OhWonka

Insulting human intelligence time to time, OhWonka will surely make you say ROFL and what not multiple times a day! Tweets flow in 4-5 times a day and each of them is worth reading!

#6 @FirstWorldPains

Inspired from an internet meme, FirstWorldPains’s tweets are true at times and funny always! You’ll surely be able to relate to their tweets or pains some or the other day!

#7 @WolfpackAlan

Inspired from the character Alan of The Hangover, his tweets are totally hilarious! Only the name and the profile picture relate to the movie Hangover, nothing else!

#8 @Lmao

With over 2 million followers, those who follow LMAO, can’t be idiots. So follow this profile. This is one profile which maintains his name, LMAO 😉

#9 @TheTweetOfGod

Only if you are strong enough to take truth should you follow this account! Else, just stay away from it! Shares humorous quotes on occasions which’ll make you go ha ha ha…

#10 @MensHumor

Made by a man for all the men around, this is one account all men should definitely follow!

#11 @sakshamtalwar

Now, you should definitely follow this account! You’d find some of the funniest tweets in this account!




Okay, I was kidding! It’s my account and I’m simply tricking you into following me. If you followed me, laugh at yourself and if you didn’t, better follow me!

Follow all the above accounts and keep your mood great the entire day! I find the above Twitter accounts funny, but we might not share the same thought! So if you know any Twitter accounts which you think should be included here, comment! I’m open to suggestions.

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