Top 20 Facebook Tricks to Kill Some Time

In February 2004, when Mark Zuckerberg and his roommates in Harvard first came up with the idea to launch a website for their fellow students, they would never have known that its stock price in 2016 would be US$118.34. Neither would they have known that the success would exceed to a level where more than1.5 billion active users would register to their website, making Mark Zuckerberg one of the top 50 wealthiest and most influential people in the world. Facebook, in only a matter of a couple of years, has become one of the leading social media networks all over the world.

top 25 facebook tricks

Many people say that “Time is Money”, and if that were true, Facebook would be the richest commodity of the Internet Universe. Amongst a large number of people who have active profiles on Facebook all over the world, over 1.44 billion people take out time to log in and check their newsfeed every day! They spend an average of 25+ minutes getting connected to their “Friends” liking and commenting on status updates. In the second quarter of 2015, the internal records of Facebook stated that in the United States, the average time per person spent online is double the average around the world, around 40+ minutes.

However, according to the analysts from Needham and their proprietary surveys, in 2016 people are experiencing what they name “Facebook Fatigue”. 30% of the participants in the US claim to be using Facebook half as much as they were spending the previous year.

For those people who think that they are too familiar with Facebook and that trying to kill time scrolling down their newsfeed is too boring for them now, there is some surprising news.  There are some interesting tricks and hacks that can be done on Facebook today. So, keep reading to explore some 20 Facebook tricks to make the most out of your Facebook account.

  1. Removing your Last Name from your Profile

Everyone who has an account registered on Facebook (or on any other social network) knows that as a security measure, one is obliged to fill the personal details fields in the registration forms. The activation does not take place until and unless all the required data is input. Details of the First and Last name of the user are one such prerequisite.

With the help of Mozilla Firefox, you can do this small trick and be able to evade the limitation imposed by Facebook and drop the last name from your profile. Now, even though all the active users are well aware of most of the features of Facebook, this one will definitely raise questions and speculation amongst your peers. The steps are simple and explained below.

In the Advanced Options of Mozilla Firefox, trail the following: Network Settings -> Connection Settings -> Manual Proxy Configuration.

The next step is to enter in the HTTP Proxy Field and in the port field enter 8080 (or any other Indonesian Proxy can be employed). Then going to the Account Settings on your personal facebook profile, all you do is change the Language from English to Bahasa Indonesia before removing all except your First Name.

  1. Send or Receive Money

Now, this comes as a surprise to most. But it is true. Anyone with a debit card issued by a Bank incorporated in the United States of America can do it using Facebook Messenger. It is not restricted to just sending money, but also allows you to receive any funds, which is a feature very similar to Paypal. What is more surprising is the fact that it is not just easy, it is COST-FREE. There is no fee charged by Facebook for either paying or receiving these funds. This aspect is focused on “connecting” friends and family and does not have any commercial interests whatsoever. Though Facebook does not charge any fee for sending or receiving money off Messenger, it’s still not a handy replacement for PayPal or other similar services primarily because of the availability of the service. Though this service is going to be launched in many other countries, right now it’s available only in the USA.

  1. Making your Profile Picture Unclickable

The profile pictures of Facebook users are one of the most “liked” portions on their profiles. However, not everyone wants their display picture seen, even by “Friends.” This trick teaches you exactly what you want. All you have to do is select the current profile picture and alter the privacy settings to your needs. “Only Me” would make your picture unclickable to everyone else. Don’t worry; people will still be able to see your profile picture as a thumbnail, but they won’t be able to zoom in by clicking on it.

  1. Share Physical Location

Suppose I tell you that instead of relying on Google Maps to find your current location, copying and pasting it and sending it to the person whose company you await, you can use Facebook and do that in just one click, will that not be awesome? All you have to do is open up the chat in the Facebook Messenger with that person and tapping the “…” button below, click location. What you see next is a blue circle, identifying where you are situated at that moment. Tap and Send. You shared your exact location in a matter of seconds. Oh and not just that! You can send any location you want by just tapping Send after finding the desired location.

  1. Customize your Newsfeed

Are you tired of seeing the unwanted posts of pages you’ve liked years before or of friends who are a little too active in sharing posts that you are not even interested in? In the scrolling down, do the posts of your more important friends get lost? If yes, what I am telling you will make your life a lot easier.

Facebook now provides you the facility to customize your newsfeed in a way that the posts from friends that you want to see can be seen on the very top of your feed. All you have to do is go to the profiles of the people whose posts are a priority to you and besides the “Friends” tab, there is an option you have to select that permits you to “See First”.

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  1. Track your Stalkers

So are you curious about who has been visiting your profile today?  This method is not just easy and reliable, but also requires no additional software. All you do is that when you have your Profile Page open, press CTRL+U in your keyboard. What will pop up is a source code of your profile page. Pressing CTRL+F, you paste the code “LIST” in the search box, making you see the number of IDs of the people who have stalked you in the past 24 hours. To get to the profile of the person, open a new Tab and paste the IDs after the URL (paste code).

Update: Many people have reported that this trick has stopped working. This is because Facebook updates their site regularly. These changes are not limited to the design of their portal, but security and privacy as well. Allowing someone to know who has visited their profile is somewhat against the privacy of the person who has visited the profile (stalker as many may call him) and thus, Facebook has taken a step forward to stop this practice resulting in this trick to stop working. We will update you if this trick starts to work again or if we find a workaround.

  1. Schedule to post Birthday Wishes on Friends Walls Automatically

Ever gotten into trouble for not wishing a friend on their birthday? Been too busy to log into your account for a few days, making you miss the birthday notification? Aha! This is the easiest way to act smart, then. Schedule your messages to be sent automatically on that day.

This is one of the simplest tricks to ease your life. Just visit After allowing the website access permission to connect to your account, you will see a list of your Friends who have their birthdays in the coming days. All you have to do is click on the down arrow, type your wishes and schedule it to be sent automatically on their birthdays.

  1. Combining Profile and Cover Picture

Did you know that this was possible? Just keep the picture that you want to use when you merge your Display and Cover Picture. It isn’t on the Facebook website. Instead, you have to go the site

Scrolling down, select the “Merge Profile and Cover Photo” option and upload the picture you chose. This will generate two pictures, download these and upload them on the respective positions. The effect will be that both these pictures will appear to be one big picture.

  1. Downloading any Video from Facebook

This trick is the easiest and my favorite so far. And of course, the most needed one too. To download any video from Facebook, all you have to do is remove “s” from https on the URL and add “down” before Facebook. (For example URL Next, press enter and allow your browser to fully load the link. After that, just follow the instructions on the next web page and download the video.

  1. Donating Money

To a specified list of some famous organizations, you have the option to donate directly from your Facebook Account. These organizations are not only trusted, but verified and certified to help people too. On their official Pages, under “More” below their Cover Picture, there is an option to “donate” up to your discretion. Thus, you can enjoy giving money to organizations through a secure channel without visiting their website or without having to mail them checks.

  1. Make your Likes Bigger

This is one of those less useful but a lot of fun to use tricks, especially if you are in the mood to annoy a friend. This is an option that is available on Messenger only, so don’t expect it to work on the posts you like. All you have to do to send different sizes of the “Thumbs Up” is to tap and hold the thumbs up button below in the chat, until it becomes big enough for your liking. Try sending the different sizes of the thumbs up in ascending order to a few close friends just to bug them (or make them smile) when they see your message. There are sound effects too, by the way, so make sure those are on.

  1. Messages Privacy

Does the first sentence of your private message from a friend show up in the push notifications? Do you not like the possibility of someone else seeing what another person has to say to you? Easy! Just pop into the tab that alters your settings and turn this feature off. It’s not tough. Go on and try it!

  1. Knowledge about “seen” messages

Did you know that Whatsapp is not the only messaging application where you can track the “Seen” and “Read” messages of people you text. Facebook, too, has that option. A small blue, empty circle means that your message is being sent. A blue tick in that empty circle means that it has been sent from your end. Tick that’s in the filled-in circle means that your message has been delivered. And finally, when the same circle is filled with a small version of your friend’s profile photo, it says that the message has been read.

  1. Use Messenger without a FaceBook account

Did you know that anyone can use Facebook Messenger? By anyone, I mean even those people who do not have a Facebook Account. All they have to do is simply sign up with their phone number. A valid one will work pretty smoothly!

  1. Organize your Group Conversations

Weary of those endlessly annoying notifications on your phone, useless and random as they can get?  There is good news for you! Did you know that you could mute them for a period of time? You can turn them off too, but muting sounds like a better idea, as notifications can sometimes come in handy too, right? So to mute them, all you do is go to the phone’s settings and when you see Facebook and Messenger App, click on Notifications and turn it off for a specified period.

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  1. Use Messenger from your Desktop

Using Facebook Messenger on your phone is great. But were you aware of the fact that there was a desktop version of Facebook Messenger available easily? Download it now and have fun!

  1. Download Stickers from the Sticker Market

The Facebook stickers are the most charming feature of Facebook Messenger. They are the illustrations of all the craziest characters, expressing different emotions, and different thoughts, that you can send instead of the traditional method of writing it all down. They add life and color to our chats, and a well-placed sticker can easily add a smile on the face of the person talking with you. Did you know there was a whole market of stickers from where you can download all the stickers you want?

  1. Make voice and video calls for FREE

Calling a person from your phone is costly. Placing an international call is almost impossible without lots of money on your phone. Did you know that too has been taken care of by Facebook? Not only can we call for free, but also make video calls and have long carefree conversations with our friends, face to face with Facebook.

  1. Organize Group Conversations

Are you one of those people with friends who are in large numbers and all of you have to stay connected? There is a great option for organizing these group conversations. You can pin these group chats and communicate and monitor, both together.

  1. Selecting and then Inviting all Friends

When you are given the task to invite all the people in your Friends List to an event or a cause, selecting each one of them could be a monotonous and time-consuming job. Fortunately, you have gotten yourself into the right place to learn how to select and invite all your friends with a simple trick and one click.

In Firefox, go to the page you want to invite more people to on Facebook. Instead of the “Recent Interaction” option, select “All Friends” (keep scrolling down so that all your friends are shown on the page). Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+K, paste the below-mentioned code on the small window that appears at the bottom and click enter:

javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName(“checkableitems[]”);for (i=0;i < elms.length;i++){if (elms[i].type=”checkbox” )elms[i].click()};

Well, I really hope that you liked the above Facebook tips. Right now, we have listed only 20 of them. But, this is not the end. As we discover more and more useful things to do with Facebook, we will keep adding them here.

You can also refer to this post as the ever-expanding list of Facebook tricks that are not only for fun, but are useful as well.

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