Enjoy Movies? Take Care of Your Eyes!

Present time is the era of computers and other digital technologies like televisions, tablets, smartphones, etc. Though each of these technologies are different under the hood but they’re quite similar outside – all have a CRT/LCD/TFT screen. We look on this screen all the time we work with the device. And this leads to eye problems such as blurred vision, distorted vision and others. Is screen is the main culprit?

I think screen is dangerous but not the main culprit behind eye problems. The main reason of us getting eye problems is regularly watching television or computer screen and not following any protective guidelines. Eyes are the most sensitive and important sense organs. May be we don’t respect our gift to see things but its true value is known by one who is destined to get bigger gifts except it.

Once upon a time, someone told me:

The eye is the most beautiful of all that let us watch other beautiful things in the world.

You should take care of your eyes while using televisions and computers. But it’s not all, you also need to take precautions and measures to ensure your eyes are getting enough nutrition and other requirements to be healthy. Here are some protective measures to keep your eyes healthy:

Regular Eye check ups

When you had your last eye test? It’s advised to get your eyes checked every six months, and if not, then you must give eye exams every one-two year. Regular eye check ups is the first and most important measure against eye problems. Many eye problems like glaucoma and macular degeneration can be treated if they’re detected early. While change in vision with age is normal, you must give eye exams regularly to detect any change in the vision and update your glasses accordingly to avoid any worse situations.


Eat healthy

You should ask yourself daily that do you eat food with enough nutrition to keep your body healthy. We always think how much money we need in this month, how much I can save this year, etc. but do we really think about our body’s nutrition requirements? Possibly not! You should eat healthy food like green vegetables, fruits and cereals. Avoid heavy and fast foods. Foods rich in DHA are also good for eyes.

You should eat berries and pomegranates. Cherries, Blueberries and pomegranates contain some powerful anti-oxidants which help to prevent macular degeneration. Cherries and berries contain bioflavonoids which help to strengthen blood vessels, supplying oxygen and nutrients to your eyes.

You should also eat food having high concentration of Lutein. It is an anti-oxidant which help to prevent free radical damage, which can cause many eye problems. Lutein rich foods should be taken with fat rich foods for better absorption of the lutein by the body.

Watch TV/Computer screen from a distance

Parents always advise their children to watch televisions from a distance, but who want to listen to them? And guess what, this is one of the main reason for children getting eye problems at an early age. It’s advised you should always maintain some distance from the television or computer screen.

LCD/LED screens are better than CRT screens. CRTs emit more harmful rays than LCDs, which can damage your eyes. You should sit min. 2 feet far from LCDs and min. 5 feet far from CRTs. If you’re watching movies or playing games sitting close to screens, then you’re not only enjoying the movie/game but also taking a chance of getting your eyes damaged. So, beware while you sit near television/computer screen.

Use flat panel screens

When shopping for a television or a computer, you must choose flat panel screens. LCD/LED flat screens are better than CRT screens as flat screens cause less strain to your eyes. If you’ve got a CRT monitor, then keep its refresh rate above 60 Hz – it will cause less eye strain. It also mean that you can work better and for longer time by using flat panel screens without getting restless.

Maintain optimum lightening in the room

You should maintain optimum lightening in the room while watching television or working on computers. If the room has less or no lightening, then eyes are more effected. You must have noticed sometime that if you watch a TV without sufficient light in the room, then your eyes become restless quicker than it happen when room is well-lit. So, switch on the lights of your room before switching on your television or computer.

Wear eye glasses

If you’re a professional or a gamer and work for pro-longed time on the computer or play games then you must use glasses to protect your eyes. Many eye glasses come in the market to protect eyes against harmful rays. You must invest some money to buy a good pair of eye glasses.


Rest your eyes whenever possible

While watching a screen, you must rest your eyes whenever possible. When you watch screen continuously without resting or blinking your eyes, then eyes get dry and continuous dryness of eyes lead to problems. So, learn to give rest to your eyes after every 10-20 minutes when watching television or working on a computer.

Clean your eyes

You should clean your eyes regularly at some interval. Make a habit to clean your eyes thoroughly with water whenever you wash your face. It’s suggested to clean your eyes as soon as you reach home from outside because eyes usually catch dirt or other small particles.

Have a sound sleep

You should sleep for good amount of time to ensure your eyes to be healthy. Eyes need rest too and sleeping is the best way to give rest to your eyes. As you’re tired after working for all day long, same is the situation with the eyes – they also get tired! And working on computers or watching televisions make them more tired than anything else. So, if you watch any screen, then you must have a sound sleep in the night.

We always follow all the tips to look smart and be healthy – drinking glasses of water, going gymnasiums, eating medicines, etc. but we forget to take care of our eyes. We should take care of our eyes, especially when they make us to enjoy television programs or computer games. Don’t you think we should take care of little organs that make us watch this beautiful world.

Tell us what you do to protect your eyes?

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