Effect of Ayurvedic and Synthetic Products on Children

Ayurveda is an ancient medical art relying on natural elements and herbs in making organic products. Synthetic products are ideation of modern health science, which is nurtured from chemicals and molecules countering symptoms of sickness. Both of these methods of treatment have their pros and cons. Here is an analysis of their effect on growth of children.

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Difference between Ayurvedic and Synthetic Products

Ayurvedic treatment cures diseases in children with holistic approach. ‘Ayu’ signifies life, and ‘veda’ defines scientific knowledge. Hence, ayurvedic products resolve particular ailment by addressing the way of living, inner healing, and eliminates ills leading to a positive change in child’s body, mind and builds immunity. Products like the Dabur Lal Tail are ayurvedic while modern-day products from VLCC & products like Garnier sunscreen are synthetic. Synthetic products are a part of Allopathy, medical practice that aims at ‘cause and effect’ treatment. Here, the symptoms are contradicted with small doses of chemically articulated molecules, fighting off detrimental factors in the kid.

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Herbs and natural elements are ingredients in organic products, while chemically processed products may contain constituents, harmful to children with side effects, if not visible immediately, but affects individual in long run. Organic science of treatment seldom has any side effects, with response that underlines root healing rather than just eradicating symptoms. This erases possibility of relapse, while synthetic medicines like antibiotics, heavy drugs and tonics can attend to only a section of problem, leaving chances of relapse open.

Positive Examples of Organic and Inorganic Medicines

Why is it that infants are preferably given ayurvedic products even for normal procedures like massaging bodies? Why is it that most of the vital vaccinations are actually chemical molecules? Ayurvedic science does not believe intravenous injection, while allopathy that ushers synthetic medicines, does use this mode of cure.  Some vaccinations fighting diseases have to be subjected in childhood. Illnesses requiring surgeries, operations and contradicting viruses, and ingested ailments, need strong synthetic medicines for quicker effect.

Aspirin is said to be a safe dosage for kids to relieve headache, and body pain. Dabur Lal Tail has received a good feedback among mothers, as being one of the effective ayurved products nurturing child’s skin and muscles, while rejuvenating blood circulation and condition of bones. Honey, milk, clove based medicines can induce sleep, resolving insomnia in children. Such doses are reasonably priced and efficient. Organic products curing chronic diseases are popular for their optimistic results.

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Naturopathic therapy of asthma is children provide faster relief than other contemporaries. Some of these are perfect to alleviate jaundice, extreme muscle friction in child athletes.  Chyawanprash help kids get necessary nutrients for balanced body development. Ointments, oils made from ghee, haldi, jojoba, neem, herbal extracts keep children’s skin smooth, silky and fresh. While synthetic fibers, molecules that combat infections, blood system issues, cancers, psychotic diseases are faster in reaction, and reveal better results than other medications.

Few alkaloids, acids, and synthetic plant molecules, engineered chemically stimulates brain, making younglings physically active in sports, and studies. As your child develops, he/she may face allergies, and injuries. Synthetic painkillers are quite effective in healing muscle pain, and inflammations. Similarly, plant extracts, ayurved products are known as better cure for burns, skin abrasions, and allergies related to respiratory system. Hence, both these medical sciences play an important role in growth of children.

Risks in Ayurvedic Products for Children

However, if you are choosing ayurveda products to cure your child, make sure to approach an experienced doctor who is well acquainted with this medical science, and refer to his/her direction of doses. This field of study has different treatments for same disease. Therefore, the final healing is based on the individual than symptom. Doctor should be knowledgeable enough to identify the reason of sickness, and assign organic products accordingly. The application of this science refers to particular person, and not common medicines for mass population. However some products work well for kids and older people alike irrespective of their bodies. So if you’re thinking of trying a product like Dabur Tail or a something similar for your kid, don’t think twice. It’s safe.

Attention to all factors like satva, atma, sendriya, purusha, and yukta together will project a course of healing in kids. As all verticals are tackled here, recuperation is slow, yet fulfilling. Hence, this medical field is complex, but effective, and the child may have to rely on organic doses regularly to relieve suffering. As natural elements are used in healing, parents sometimes make their own combination of medicines without detailed knowledge of the materials. This can impair children.

Herbs for Zi Zai

Every herb has some pros and cons. Combination of several herbs in medicines may not suit a child. Hence, picking up exact regulated dose can eat up time, leading to aggravation of sickness. These may not be able to treat complex cases requiring surgeries. Hence, always approach an experienced ayurved doctor for any dose of cure. Another disadvantage of these products is the availability factor. Not every medical store houses these medicines, and one may find it difficult to find a reliable distributor of authentic remedial.

Ill Effects of Synthetic Medicines on Children

Synthetic products do deal with sickness in children well. However, overdose of drugs, especially those meant to handle heart, blood circulation, organ related diseases, can bring on a lot of damage. This may affect the cerebral functioning, autonomous and immune system. People have a belief that inorganic medicines may lead to quicker recovery, which is true in many incidences. However, continuous dose of chemicals can spoil concentration, affect density of bone, internal organ’s response, mental and healthy growth in toddlers.

Bath salts, incense oil that contain inorganic substances can mar toddler’s skin and muscles. Fake marijuana constituents can cause anxiety, anger, uneasiness and mental stress. Pregnant woman consuming such drugs may unknowingly harm her fetus, leading to blood pressure issues, mental degeneration, abnormal heart rate, and nervous system disorders. Synthroid treating thyroid in kids can have side effects like chest pain, nervousness, irritation, and headache. Few Hormonal doses curing teenage puberty related problems might lead to liver and kidney issues.

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Steroidal medicines to increase weight, hydrogenated proteins and fats to strengthen muscles, alcohol component in few remedial tablets can weaken a child’s progress. Instances of instant weight gain, low appetite, dehydration among kids may occur after stopping such doses immediately. This reflects the fact that some synthetic products make youngsters addicted, and in long run, the system responds adversely on elimination of these medicines. On the other hand, genetically processed synthetic fibers in treating hereditary diseases can affect a child’s intelligence and motor activities.

Hence, while apt treatment for diseases in children can differ according to the symptoms, nature of ailment, it is important to know the facts, effects of ayurvedic and synthetic products. Choose a proper diagnosis of the sickness. Remember to visit an experienced doctor and do not believe on any intermediary, or engineer your own medicines to cure kids. If caution is taken, your bundle of joy will surely get appropriate treatment, ayurvedic, allopathic or other.

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