The Best Resume I’ve Come Across in Ages!

I don’t work for a company nor do I conduct interviews for an agency. I haven’t even made a resume for myself. Rightly said, I’m a student. But yesterday upon logging into my Facebook account, I stumbled upon a very interesting resume. One of my friends whose name I can’t recall had shared this resume on his wall and it immediately caught my attention. I never thought one could build a resume like this!

It’s Robby Leonardi’s resume. Have a look @

Once you’ve opened the above link, wait for a couple of seconds for the animation to load and then scroll using up and down arrows of your keyboard or using the scroll button on your mouse or touchpad.

His resume is a mixture of Superman, Mario and not to forget his excellent skills! His resume comprises of 4 levels – About, Skills, Experience & Awards and Publications. I’m sure the people who see Robby Leonardi’s resume will definitely hire him someday!

Here are a couple of screenshots of his resume. Better visit his website for a better experience.

robby leonardi 2

robby leonardi

robby leonardi 3

robby leonardi 4

robby leonardi 5

robby leonardi 6

Meanwhile I’ve already started to think about my resume, how will it be. I’m definitely not going to handle over the interviewer a paper copy of my resume or a Word document.

Do you like Robby’s resume? Have you ever tried something like this? What do you think, will this resume work if you are applying for a job?

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    • Saksham Talwar

      Yeah, inspires me to make my own resume like that! Will need to hire that guy lol :p

  1. Sameer | Author - Business Doctors

    Hi Saksham,

    Nice work with the blog. I believe there are plans to transform this into a magazine. Sports, Money, Tech…taking it in the right direction.

    Nothing on the arts/literature side? The ‘Cool Stuff’ section (currently has only 1 post) could do with some book reviews to increase the diversity of topics.

    Wondering if you’d be interested in reviewing my next book, about management consultants helping out an underworld client.

    Here’s more about the book:

    I’d be happy to send across a complimentary copy when the book is released (hopefully in the next few weeks), in return for an honest review.

    Please drop me an email on: contact [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com

    – Sameer

  2. ajay

    this CV resembles something like which i made, but somewhat better than my CV, need to appreciate it, no hesitation in it


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